The wait is over! The much-awaited Kraken Kratom brand review is right here to help you out with an informed and guilt-free purchase from Kraken Kratom. From their best sellers to their exclusive deals and remarkable features, this wholesome Kraken Kratom review will sneak-peek into each of the necessary details. So let’s see if the kratom products from Kraken kratom are worth your hard-earned cash?

Kraken Kratom Brand Review: Everything You Need To Know

Let us get into the details of the Kraken brand review by discussing the brand’s story first! Kraken Kratom is a recent brand and marked its footprints in the kratom industry in the year 2015. Although various brands entered the kratom market in the same period, Kraken kratom is sure-shot a name of supremacy, attention to detail, and top-quality kratom products. Their logo comprises a green octopus, a unique character taken from a Greek Mythology whose existence was sensed worldwide, and similar is the case with Kraken Kratom.

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Best Selling Kratom Strains At Kraken Kratom

If you visit the man page of Kraken store, you can easily have a look at their exclusive products. Their kratom tea powders are sourced directly from Southeast Asia and are of pharmaceutical-grade, 100% natural, and extremely potent. You must be interested in knowing their entire product line and the kratom strains that are available for sale at Kraken. So let’s get into the details! All the kratom strains at Kraken are available in three primary vein colors. They cater to the unique needs of their customers, by offering energy-boosting white vein kratom, sedative red strains, and mood-enhancing and focus-boosting green strains. They also sell enhanced kratom, kratom extracts (both their own and from other kratom brands), kratom capsules, and high-quality kava products. Here’s a list of leading strains that you can buy at Kraken Kratom:

  1. Bali Kratom
  2. Borneo Kratom
  3. Indo Kratom
  4. Kali Kratom
  5. Maeng Da Kratom
  6. Malay Kratom
  7. Red Dragon Kratom
  8. Sumatra Kratom
  9. Thailand Kratom

Now coming towards the selling price, Kratom powders have a starting price of $8.15 and end at $12.5 (28g). Kratom capsules start at $15.45(28g) and end at $23.95 for the rarest platinum tea capsules (5ct). Their FSE Kratom extract is for $19.99 and the most expensive one is Platinum kratom extract for $44.95 (5g). For Kava powder, the price range is $4.95-$19.95, and for kava extracts/instant kava $19.95 – $25.95. These prices are unbeatable if we consider other kratom vendors in the market, and that too with superior quality and durable effects.

Surprise! They Have Newly-launched Products For Fitness Enthusiasts

Are you a fitness enthusiast who is struggling with a pre-workout energy boost and lack of motivation? Do you want to take your fitness game to the next level? Then you must give a try to their premium product by Kraken kratom.

  • Kraken Unleashed – Pre Workout ($69.95)
  • Kraken Unleashed – Post Workout (Hemp Extract) ($22.95, on sale)
  • Kraken Unleashed – Pre And Post Workout Combo Pack ($82.95, on sale)

Handy Accessories For Kratom Enthusiasts At Kraken Store

Accessories provide the best kratom experience and make things pretty easy for the user. At Kraken, you can buy various handy accessories. Check out below what accessories Kraken is offering!

  1. Digital scales to measure your dosage
  2. Empty kratom capsules if you want to DIY kratom capsules at home
  3. Guide books
  4. Tea ball infusers
  5. Measuring spoon sets
  6. Bamboo tea strainers
  7. Muslin herb bags

GMP-Certified Kratom Vendor

GMP certification proves that the vendor follows strict production and selling procedures, and Kraken kratom strives to be the GMP-certified kratom vendor. From shelf to packaging, they follow safety procedures to deliver the best quality kratom products to their worthy customers.

Lab-tested Kratom Products

All the products at this online store are extensively lab-tested for contaminants, preservatives, E.coli, and metals. They only sell lab-tested kratom products to ensure quality control. So be confident with your purchase!

Reddit User Reviews About Kraken Brand

According to Reddit user reviews, Kraken Kratom portrays amazing customer care and super-fast shipping. Their products are of superior quality and by using bitcoins, and coupon codes, you can get an extra discount if you find their products expensive. The users suggest subscribing to their newsletter for exclusive offers and deals at Kraken Kratom.

Reward Points For Kratom Enthusiasts For Further Discount

The most exciting feature you can enjoy at Kraken Kratom is reward points. You get redeemable reward points against the purchase of each product, and 100 points equal one dollar. Click here to know the details about how you can get them. Coupon codes to enjoy the best shopping experience at Kraken Kratom Who does not live to save a few bucks while shopping kratom online? Use the coupon code ILOVEKRKN to get 15% off site-wide, and TODAY20 to get 20% off at the net amount.

Did You Hear Wholesale Kratom?

Here is exciting news for all those who want to buy bulk and wholesale kratom at pretty reasonable prices. They offers jaw-dropping discounts to wholesalers and retailers and they do get ultimate profits too. Just fill out the wholesale form at their website and you are good to go!

Shipping & Payment Details

Kraken Kratom does not charge for shipping, it’s entirely free via USPS First Class Shipping. The orders arrive within 2-9 days. For faster delivery, the customer has to pay $4.99 for USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail. They also offer COD, but for that, you have to place a larger order. You can also track your order at their website, that’s pretty convenient! Just visit their website and enter your order ID and Email. You will get to know the current location of your order and its status.

What Payment Options Do They Offer?

At Kraken kratom. you can go with the following payment options.

  • Quick Ship ACH
  • Bitcoin ( you get straight 10% off with bitcoin)
  • PMC Mastercard/Visa/Gold
  • eCheck

These payment options are easy to use. If you want to pay with any other medium, you can contact Kraken.

Final Note

After extensively reviewing the Kraken brand, we can claim that they have a matchless product line, high quality, potent, and durable products, all lab-tested for quality control. Apart from that their free shipping offer, helpful customer service, easy-to-use payment methods, coupon codes, and discounted deals provide a memorable shopping experience to the customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How Can I Contact Kraken Support Team?

You can contact Kraken Kratom via their email address: Moreover, the sleek feature of live chat on their website allows the customers to connect with them instantly.

Do The Coupon Codes Work At Kraken?

Yes, these coupon codes are valid and do work at Kraken Kratom.

What Is Kraken Reserve Liquid Kratom Extract?

With Kraken Reserve Liquid Kratom Extract, you can take kratom without any hassles. In a 15ml bottle, you can enjoy three servings of 106mg of Mitragynine, each serving will have 35.55mg of Mitragynine. This liquid extract is extremely potent and fast-acting.

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