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Buy 1 Kilo Kratom Powder & Get Free Kratom Candies At Amazing Botanicals

Amazing Botanicals is one of the very few top-grade online Kratom sellers that have made a special place in the local as well as global markets. It has not happened overnight, rather the brand took several years to reach where it is today.

The best thing about this brand is that it is seriously concerned about the betterment of every single buyer. This is why making profits has never been its primary concern. It has always focused on facilitating the customers in the best possible manner. Let’s have a look at what this brand holds for you.

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How Does Amazing Botanicals Grab Customers’ Trust?

Well, the very first thing this seller never compromises is the quality of the strains being sold. Therefore, the complete stock is only sourced from the native lands – Southeast Asia. It is directly in touch with the dedicated, experienced, and professional growers who take good care of the Kratom trees to help them preserve all-important alkaloid components.

As soon as the leaves become mature, the native farmers start handpicking them all and pass them through a special grinding process after drying them in the sunlight. The leaves are then converted into Kratom powder and this powder goes under rigorous lab testing to ensure that it is free from all noxious chemicals, fillers, contaminants, heavy metals, or additives.

The lab test reports are also a perfect tool to make sure that the end product is consistent and safe to consume.

1 Kilo Kratom Powder + Free Kratom Candies: Benefit From This Special Offer

Amazing Botanicals has kept the prices pretty competitive compared to many other vendors offering similar products. It goes the extra mile and offers further discounts on varied items to help you get the most out of the inventory.

To stay updated, keep a close eye on its official website. To get the information about the latest discounts and offers, you can call the seller at (888) 308 3770 or write it at Now, let’s get into the specifics of this special sale.

Are you a retailer? Looking to purchase bulk Kratom powder? If yes, this offer is just made for you. The powder you purchase will be 100% pure, organic, fresh, consistent, and safe at the same time. Every single packet is lab-tested, so don’t worry about what the product has inside. You can ask the seller to show lab test reports for your satisfaction.

What Does This Offer Carry?

As the name implies, it provides you with free Kratom candies on every purchase. The package includes:

  • 1 kilo Kratom powder
  • 5ct of free Kratom candies

How Much Should I Pay For This Package?

Well, as stated earlier, the prices are quite affordable compared to many other sellers. To get this discounted deal, you just need to pay $74.99 for 1 kilo of Kratom powder and you will get free Kratom candies along with it. If you explore the inventories of multiple online or local Kratom sellers, you will be surprised to see that there is no better deal than this. It is better to grab the opportunity before it gets too late.

What Strains Does This Deal Carry?

The good news is that this offer is not limited to a few strains, rather you will get more than 50 options to choose from. This is something that makes your purchase more exciting.

If we talk about the available strains, they include Green Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, Trainwreck, Red Bali, Red Thai, Green Sumatra, Green Dragon, and Red Dragon. Other strains are White Sumatra, Red, Sumatra, White Horn, Yellow Indo, Gold Reserve, Red Super, Yellow Vietnam, Red Horn, and the list goes on.

What Type Of Free Kratom Candies Does This Offer Provide?

Now, you are well familiar with the range of strains this package holds. You will be happy to hear that Kratom candies are also available in different forms, as listed below.

  • Kratom Fruit Punch Hard Candies (5ct)
  • Kratom Pineapple Hard Candies (5ct)
  • Kratom Toffees (5ct)
  • Kratom Caramels (5ct)

You can choose any of them according to your needs. The products you choose will get delivered to your place.

What Do Customers Say About This Offer?

Over one hundred people have purchased this package and twenty-seven have provided their feedback so far. Interestingly, they all have given 5-star reviews. None of the reviews has received ratings below 5. It is quite an interesting thing to see and is a clear indication of how much customers are satisfied with the outcomes this offer produces.

If you explore the customer reviews on the official website of this brand, you will find all of them equipped with a greater level of satisfaction. This is what buyers always look for.

Why Should You Buy Your Favorite Strains From Amazing Botanicals?

Let’s explore a few of the major reasons why Amazing Botanicals is a number one choice for thousands of Kratom enthusiasts.

As mentioned earlier, this brand has never compromised the product quality to ensure good health for all buyers. It is one of the prominent factors that makes the seller stand out in the market. To ensure the highest possible quality, it follows all the AKA GMP standards.

Moreover, the introduction of cost-effective Kratom powder along with free Kratom candies makes the inventory a source of attraction for thousands of new and regular customers. Apart from the affordable prices, the seller often launches discounted deals. This guide is specifically focused on one such package.

Furthermore, while buying your stuff from Amazing Botanicals, you will be amazed to see a couple of payment options secured with the latest encryption approaches.

In addition, this seller has taken experienced, well-trained, dedicated, and highly professional staff in their customer support department.

They perfectly answer every single query of buyers or people who are interested in making a purchase from this evolving brand. So, the highly responsive behavior of customer support staff automatically converts visitors into buyers. This is what has been a unique selling point for this vendor.

What Sets Amazing Botanicals Apart?

A number of factors play their part in making this merchant different from all others on the market. A few of them are listed below.

  • All-natural, 100% organic, and risk-free Kratom powder and other variants
  • Strict quality testing phases
  • Options to make bulk purchases
  • Highest customer satisfaction rate
  • Range of payment processing methods
  • Secure payments
  • Speedy shipping
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Extremely responsive customer services

These factors along with some others have proved to be an excellent tool to take this business out of four walls.

What Do Previous Buyers Say About This Brand?

If you want to know the overall reputation of Amazing Botanicals, it would be better to go through the different product pages available on its official site. There, you will see hundreds of customer reviews. Taking a look at the multiple product pages, you will get a clear picture of the actual credibility of this seller.

Another way to determine its reputation is to closely look at the online brand views written by other parties. They will better guide you.

Final Words

Amazing Botanicals has been doing wonders for countless Kratom lovers, both new and seasoned ones. It is the first brand offering 1 kilo of Kratom powder with free Kratom candies and delivers it to your doorstep as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What can I buy from Amazing Botanicals except for Kratom powder?

Answer: Well, it offers Kratom capsules, edibles, extracts, and cigarettes as well. Kava is another top-selling item.

Question: How quickly will I receive my refund?

Answer: You will get it within 5 to 7 business days.

Question: Does Amazing Botanicals educate the community around?

Answer: Yes, it has launched a separate blog section for this purpose.

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