Java Kratom has captured a huge portion of Indonesian herbal products exports. It is one of the reasons why Kratom is becoming more and more popular with the passage of time.

Another reason behind this popularity is the easy availability of Speciosa in multiple variants. They are categorized on the basis of different factors including origins, colors, and appearances. A wide cultured audience loves to take this herb as per their interests.

Indonesia is the biggest island country throughout the world that is further divided into five major islands. This country is a hub for producing different variants of Mitragyna Speciosa including but not limited to Indo, Borneo, Bali, and Sumatra.

Java Speciosa is also the product of this land. In addition, Indonesia’s climate is considered to be perfect for sugarcane, tea, and coffee. Kratom also belongs to the family of coffee.

Java Kratom is being exported globally; therefore, many people start consuming this plant just by seeing others doing so. Is this the case with you? We don’t really appreciate it.

Educating yourself is a must before you start taking anything. Therefore, you should grab some time to search for the basic facts associated with this tree leaf. Are you on the hunt for something similar? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started.

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What Precisely Is Java Kratom?

It is one of the most famous variants of Kratom that grows naturally in Indonesia. It comes with magnificent characteristics and is available in different types.

We will discuss them later in this article. Java Mitragyna is passed through a special process to get the powder having a higher concentration of alkaloids.

Where Does Java Kratom Come From?

This variant comes from one of the islands in Indonesia commonly known as Java. It is, without any doubt, a superb land to produce supreme quality strains of this plant.

The weather remains humid and hot all the time and it ensures the perfect growth and cultivation of Java Speciosa.

Why Is It Called Java Kratom?

Just like many other variants of Korth, it is named after its origin. The word “Java” comes from the island where this herb is cultivated.

What Does Java Speciosa Smell Like?

Many people who take this strain frequently have claimed that it gives a pleasant feeling every time they consume it. Therefore, you can expect the same from this plant.

However, different people may see this in a different way because they usually have different personal choices.

Physical Appearance & Flavor

If we talk about how this strain looks like when you purchase, it comes in 4 different colors including white, yellow, red, and green. Well, this is again a personal choice which one do you like to buy.

If you are going to taste it, you will feel a bitter taste with a chocolate touch. This is what has been obtained from the experiences of regular users from across the globe.

It is true that this herb does not behave in the same way with everyone. Therefore, you can give it a try to see how it behaves with you.

Major Alkaloids Present In Java Kratom

Two major alkaloids controlling the influence of this particular variant of Kratom are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine. The second is found in higher concentration whereas the contents for the first alkaloid are comparatively less.

How Is It Prepared?

The Indonesian farmers are very skilled in preparing high-quality Kratom powder. They let the Mitragyna trees grow until they become mature. Right after that, they carefully handpick all the matured leaves and wash them with running water in order to get rid of dust or any other unwanted material.

After washing the leaves, the farmers let them sit in the sunlight to make them dry. Once they become dry, industrial grinders are used to prepare a fine Java powder thereby maintaining a good concentration of alkaloids.

Which Types Java Kratom Is Available In?

The popular types of this plant are:

  • Yellow Java
  • White Java
  • Red Java
  • Green Java

What Is The Perfect Dose For Me To Consume?

As of now, there is no fixed amount of this strain that suits every single user, rather it keeps on changing from person to person. Therefore, to say any particular amount a “perfect dose” would not be the right thing for now unless the research and clinical studies prove that.

If you find some people defining a few grams of this tree leaf as a perfect dose for all users, avoid following them.

How Can I Take This Strain?

There are a couple of ways to consume this Speciosa variant. Some of them are listed below.

Toss & Wash

This is the simplest way of consuming Java Speciosa. For this, you need to take the desired amount of powder and try swallowing it directly. Later, you can drink water.


They help you reduce the unpleasant and bitter taste of Mitragyna and allow you to take a calculated amount of powder. This way, you can maintain your daily Mitragyna intake.


Many people add Kratom powder to either simple or flavored yogurt. It is indeed a diet rich in vitamins.


It requires a bit of your time but gives good outcomes in the end. For this, you just need leaves or powder of Mitragyna and the boiled water of course.

How To Evaluate The Quality Of Java Speciosa?

Three different parameters play a critical role in this regard. The first one is the origin. If you are purchasing an Indonesian product, it is the first step of telling you that you are getting the right thing. The next two parameters are fragrance and touch.

If you feel that the odor is unpleasant or the taste is not bitter, it is a clear signal that your product is either less potent or damaged.

Where To Buy Java Kratom?

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Ending Note

Java Kratom originates from an Indonesian island with a hot climate. It comes in different types including red, yellow, white, and green. When consuming, it gives a pleasant feeling followed by a bitter touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I’m a beginner. Are there any tips for me?

Answer: You need to start your Korth journey by taking smaller amounts of Java Speciosa.

Question: Is this herb popular?

Answer: Yes, its popularity has made this product list among the most exported kratom strains of Indonesia.

Question: What do customers think of this variant?

Answer: Buyers, not only from Indonesia but also from around the world, are just in love with this particular strain. This is why the demand for this herb is touching the sky these days.

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