Kratom is extracted from the dried leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree that grows naturally in the jungles of Southeast Asia. This is famous for its incredible influence and has been used by over 5 million users only in the US. If we talk about the last decade only, a huge increase in the use of this herb has been observed. By seeing this much popularity, many new people are willing to consume it but they seem concerned about, is kratom safe? Are you the one having the same question in mind? Just read on to get the answer. This guide is specifically designed to let you know about the important factors associated with the nature of Mitragyna Speciosa.

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What are the Components Present in Kratom?

If you start exploring the major ingredients found in kratom, you will get to know that it is made up of more than forty alkaloids but two of them play the major role. The two alkaloids that are available in a higher concentration are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine. Do you know what is the impact of these alkaloids on kratom’s properties? Well, they control the level of potency. As kratom comes in different strains and each strain varies in alkaloids concentration. Therefore, every strain has a different potency level.

How Can I Take this Herb?

There is no single answer to this question. It totally depends on the choice you feel comfortable with. The most commonly used form of kratom is powder and it is very easy to ingest. If you are reluctant in absorbing it this way, you can get rid of its bitterness by using kratom capsules. Moreover, as per your needs, this herb is also available in extracts, tablets, and tinctures. Taking extracts is considered a powerful method of consuming Mitragyna Speciosa. Nowadays, many users are making kratom smoothies at home to enjoy their journey by making it more impactful. If you are a beginner, try starting your journey with lower doses instead of taking it in higher amounts. Once you become comfortable with a small amount, you can start increasing it gradually. But if you are a regular user, you can go with your comfort and other preferences.

Am I Allowed to Use Mitragyna Speciosa?

It is a psychoactive herb and these properties come from its major alkaloids – mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine. Keeping in mind the psychoactive nature (the major concern for kratom safety) of this plant, lawmakers in many parts of the globe are reluctant to declare it as a legal drug. Therefore, many states in the United States have banned its usage. Moreover, it is declared an illegal drug in a number of countries and their surroundings. In the states where kratom is not banned, even there, you are not allowed to use it for medicinal purposes. The actions like its cultivation, transportation and selling are also prohibited. However, you can use them in small amounts for research purposes.

Why It Is Being Used by The Community?

Well, native people from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand have been using Mitragyna Speciosa for hundreds of years. They claimed that they have been using it to deal with several medical disorders. When you go through the scientific evidence, you will not find a single one in support of this plant. The reason is no proper research studies have been carried out to make the community aware of this tree leaf. The people who are using it or who have just started using it, have just done it by looking at others. Otherwise, there is no logical reason for them to get involved in such activities.

What Is So Controversial About Kratom Safety?

The major reason for making this plant controversial is different statements or arguments coming from the different vendors or users. Moreover, no clinical studies are there to support you whenever you get confused. Another factor behind this controversy is the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) has not yet evaluated this product. Therefore, many people are afraid of taking it because every supplement that is regulated by FDA is considered legal for personal and business purposes.

Major Problems Associated with This Herb

As mentioned earlier, there is almost ZERO control over kratom’s production, packaging, and labeling that increases the level of uncertainty among the buyers. Many vendors are concerned about generating revenues only rather than providing you with fresh, pure, and premium kratom strains. They mix other impurities and harmful substances to increase the weight of the product. This has been a great challenge especially faced by the first-timers or beginners. This is why they used to ask about is kratom safe to be taken?

Is There a Logical Way Ahead with Kratom?

As far as kratom safety is concerned, a couple of steps needs to be taken to educate the vendors as well as the consumers to ensure good health. First of all, significant research studies and clinical trials are required to be done to observe and verify the actual effects that this plant produces. It will help make things crystal clear for you and for the community at the same time. Educating sellers and the customers on identifying the false claims and not following them will pave the way for sure. In addition to that, if a certified authority sets the standards for exact doses for both beginners and regular users, it will make the use of kratom safe and will help you make an informed decision. As soon as the health professionals and lawmakers review the above-mentioned steps and become successful in accomplishing them with no more delay, most of us will be able to answer the questions like is kratom safe enough or not?

Is Kratom Safe for Me to Use?

If the vendors operating globally take the responsibility of providing their buyers with the freshest and the purest strains, the problems associated with kratom safety can be reduced indeed to a great extent. A number of reputed and trustworthy online kratom vendors test all batches and even every single product for Salmonella, heavy metals, adulterants, and other dangerous chemicals before displaying them for sale and hence somehow, they contribute to making kratom safe for you to consume. You can trust online kratom merchants after looking at their customers’ reviews because they do offer 100% refunds as well as exchanges for every product you do not like due to any reason.

Concluding Remarks

This guide has presented a detailed discussion on the different parameters that can play their part in making kratom safe for consumers. Hopefully, you have got the answers to your questions related to this particular concern. green thai

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