Do you think kratom vape is something you should try as a beginner? Are you a veteran kratom user and considering adding kratom vape to your ways? At present day, that vaping has got so popular, many Kratom users wish to use Kratom vape, but the very first question arising in their mind is whether they can do it or not. This article targets all such questions and provides an in-detail review on “Vaping Kratom”. green thai

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What is Vaping?

It is best to have a rough idea of what actually vaping is before we dig into Kratom vape. It is a frequently used method for inhaling the fumes of a substance through a vaping device such as an electronic cigarette or herbal vaporizer. These vaping devices are powered with batteries that are either rechargeable or replaceable. They basically have a cartridge filled with fluid or herb which is heated to a temperature that produces vapors. The user then inhales the steam into the body.

Is Vaping Kratom Safe?

Yes. Kratom vape is considered safe for use. Like every other herb, Kratom can also be vaporized. In addition, it is considered one of the most convenient ways to consume Kratom. The Kratom vape is a handy device that users can carry with them at all times. However, there are certain guidelines that the Kratom vapors need to follow to make sure nothing goes wrong. Also, always ensure that you are purchasing it from a reputable brand or company to receive 100% pure product and avoid any mishap.

The Two Best Ways To Vaporize Kratom

1) Liquid Vaporizers or E-cigarette

Liquid vaporizers are the most commonly used Kratom vapes because they are not only safer but also allow the consumer to add different flavorings and substances to pure Kratom. Though the process of liquid vaping is a little complex, it surely gives off better results. Firstly, the Kratom is liquefied to be filled into a vape. Either its juice is extracted or Kratom powder is dissolved in water. It is then filled into the vape and heated so that vapors can be produced. Additional chemicals can also be added to enhance the flavor or increase the longevity of the Kratom vape.  

2) Herbal Vaporizers

Herbal Kratom vapes have been in use for the past 20 years. Certainly, they have been modernized to provide effective and faster results. Also, they are preferred by people who desire to vape a large amount of Kratom without the mess of changing the cartridge frequently. As the Kratom is loaded directly into the chamber, it is heated to around 175°C to 200°C so that steam can be produced. Then this steam or vape is inhaled to provide a more pronounced effect on the brain.

The Benefits Of Kratom Vape

The potential benefits associated with Kratom vaping can be summarized and enlisted as follows;

  1. Faster results
  2. New and different experience
  3. Help quit smoking

Whenever a person consumes Kratom in the form of a capsule or tea, it first passes through the GI tract to be broken down and absorbed in the plasma. This surely takes a minimum of 20 – 25 minutes for the effects to kick in. In comparison to this, Kratom vape bypasses the gastrointestinal tract as it does not need to be digested. The alkaloids directly affect the brain and produce a faster and better response. As soon as the vapors enter the lungs they are absorbed into the bloodstream, letting the effects show within less than 10 seconds. Along with all the other elements present in the Kratom herb, Mitragynine (Kratom alkaloid) attaches to the receptors in a more efficient manner. In today’s world, everyone wants to try something unique and kratom vaping is surely a fantastic experience. Without a question, it provides all the effects that are associated with the use of Kratom and at a much faster rate. People using Kratom vape have defined it as a pleasurable and incomparable experience. Moreover, it gives a cooler look for sure as someone might not prefer having a cup of Kratom tea when in a gathering but instead have it through a vape. Lastly, Kratom vaping has proved to be favorable for all those who are trying to quit smoking. As the smoker prepares the vape and inhales the herb it gives him a kind of psychological satisfaction that comes after puffing a cigarette. In addition, the alkaloids of Kratom produce a tobacco-like effect while letting the person tobacco-free. The only difference is that they stay safe from the harmful effects of smoking.

The Drawbacks Of Kratom Vaping Kratom

While users can cherish the merits of kratom vape it also has some downsides. These include the following.

  • Kratom vape needs a lot more Kratom to produce the same effects that can be obtained on oral consumption with much lesser quantity. This is because a large portion of Kratom is wasted while liquefying and making vapors.
  • Only expert and experienced people can prepare Kratom vape.
  • Electrical vapes are considerably more expensive and require maintenance thus people using them end up spending more money.
  • Kratom is highly temperature-sensitive and when it is heated up to 200 degrees celsius most of its alkaloids are practically destroyed and so the effects weaken.
  • Kratom vapes are usually prepared with multiple chemicals added to either increase the effects or give flavoring. This reduces the potency in comparison to the pure strain ingested through pills or tea.
  • Some areas have banned the use of vape and so a person cannot have Kratom at their preferred time and place.
  • Currently, there are not too many vendors selling Kratom vape or its juice, therefore it is difficult to find a reliable vendor.
  • Once a vape has been used for Kratom, it will be left with an undesirable aftertaste.
  • As the Kratom is burnt, its tar can leave stains on the teeth.
  • The Kratom tar can also be deposited in the lungs making it a life hazard.


While Kratom has multiple health benefits it is best to consult a physician or expert before starting its use. Also, now that the advantages and disadvantages of Vaping Kratom have been mentioned in the article, you can choose the option that is most suitable for you. Red-Dragon

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