Investing in Kratom

Is Investing In Kratom Smart Enough?

Investing in Kratom has become a hot discussion and every enthusiast loves to talk about that. If we talk about the popularity of this herb, the demand for Speciosa consumption, without a doubt, has increased to a great extent since the last decade. Only the US market consists of more than 15 million active Mitragyna users. Can you imagine the global community of users? Of course, it would be way too large.

If you go to the Speciosa market frequently or love to spend some time on online Kratom forums, you must have seen many discussions on Kratom investment. Didn’t you!

Are you planning to invest some amount in Mitragyna stocks? Aren’t you familiar with the relevant things? Don’t know what to do and what not? Getting confused about if it is a good idea or not?

There is nothing to worry about as this guide will present a detailed discussion on whether or not investing in Kratom is a decent approach. Let’s have a closer look at the facts.

Can You Purchase & Sell Speciosa Stocks?

Before going into the nitty-gritty of Mitragyna investment, it is more important to know whether you can buy the stocks of this ancient herb. Well, the simplest and shortest answer to this particular question is NO. It clearly shows that investing in Kratom is not possible.

Even if you explore the Speciosa industry, you will get to know that there are no stocks available in this domain either to purchase or sell. If you still want to make a Korth investment, you will have to wait for a few years or more.

Can Kratom Companies Trade On Stock Exchanges?

One of the frequently asked questions in the world of Kratom is; can Speciosa companies take part in public trading? Before going into the nitty-gritty of this discussion, it is more important to know what precisely is the meaning of public trading in a company’s perspective.

As per the rules set by the “Securities Exchange Commission”, if a Kratom company wants to trade publicly or on stock exchanges, it will have to sell its shares to the community in order to generate more profits. With this, the shares of a particular company will be listed on the official platforms of stock exchanges.

Once the shares get listed on the stock exchange, the company will be bound to report to the “Securities Exchange Commission” every year. In addition, it will have to maintain a solid communication with all the shareholders and third-party auditors will audit the complete process of the whole business.

In simple words, taking your Kratom company public means sacrificing your privacy. This is what you can not do with your Speciosa stocks; therefore, when it comes to a Mitragyna company, it can not participate in any kind of trading on stock exchanges.

Why Aren’t Kratom Investments Available In The Open Market?

Speciosa comes all the way from Southeast Asian regions where the tropical climate helps this herb to grow well. This plant has a long history and has been used by the local people for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes.

In the last 10 years, this tree leaf has made its way to many parts of the globe including the United States. The two major bodies of the US – FDA and DEA are still unsure about the real properties and influence of Speciosa; therefore, they consider this herb as an unsafe substance.

If a company is trading publicly, it means it has a specific worth based on its available stocks in the market. If due to any reason, a company becomes a victim of controversy or gets bad media coverage, the value of its stock will surely become lower and it will be a great loss for the company as well for all the shareholders.

If we talk about the Kratom industry, it became controversial in many parts of the world and the basic reason behind the controversy is the lack of research available in this area.

Another unfortunate incident that happened with this industry is; it has got negative media attention in the past where some journalists reported that this herb has caused a couple of deaths. However, this claim was not proved by any official authority.

Therefore, keeping in mind the above discussions, investing in Kratom stocks will always result in a great fluctuation of the prices of the Speciosa stocks.

Moreover, if you plan to sell your Mitragyna shares, the different authorities like SEC, FDA, and DEA will closely monitor every single activity of your business and whenever they find something suspicious, they could create some serious challenges for you.

Hopefully, you have read the above discussion carefully and now, you are aware of the fact that it is not the right time to invest in the Korth market. Aren’t you? The investment in this domain may or may not become feasible in upcoming years.

Will I Be Able To Purchase Kratom Stocks In The Future?

To make it happen, we need to work collaboratively at every stage. For this, all the government official authorities including but not limited to DEA and FDA should go the extra mile to develop and implement certain regulations on the Kratom industry.

These regulations would be very helpful in maintaining the higher standards of the Kratom market as well as providing the buyers with safe products to consume every time they want.

The proper market regulations will eliminate all the people doing scams with the customers, especially the newcomers. Moreover, independent 3rd party laboratory testing will ensure that the products are free from additives, heavy metals, and all other contaminants resulting in the good health of every single buyer.

Last but not the least, taking a look at the growing Kratom industry, all reputed banks will allow Speciosa companies to utilize their services. It will be beneficial for both the banks as well for the Mitragyna industry itself.

Last Thoughts

Hence, going through all the discussion, it is very clear that investing in Kratom at least for now is not a smart approach. It may result in the wastage of your investment because the prices of shares of any company that becomes controversial can’t remain stable. It will be a problem for both the parties – company owners and shareholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do banks allow customers and sellers to buy and sell Mitragyna products?

Answer: Well, many reputed banks across the globe have imposed undue restrictions on Speciosa companies and they have refused to either accept or release any payment made for Mitragyna purchases. It has become one of the greatest hurdles for the people who are dreaming of investing in Kratom stocks.

Question: Will it be possible for me to invest in the Speciosa industry in the near future?

Answer: Well, as of now, saying anything in this regard would be too early. It all depends on the research and clinical trials. If somewhere in the future, the science proves with solid evidence that Kratom is a safe substance for human consumption, the chances for the industry to grow will become brighter.

Question: Is there any Kratom company listed on stock exchanges?

Answer: There exists no such company. But, if you explore the official platforms of stock exchanges, you will find a company named “ATAI Life Sciences”. It doesn’t sell Speciosa directly to the users rather it uses this herb for research purposes.

In addition, this company has developed a medicine using mitragynine – one of the major alkaloids of Kratom. The Initial Public Offering (IPO) of “ATAI Life Sciences” went public on 18th June 2021.

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