How Often Can You Take Kratom? – The Ideal Frequency Of Kratom Use

Kratom Use: A Brief History

Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is a tree belonging to the coffee family. This plant is a 4-16- meter high tropical tree native to South-East East Asia, the Philippines, and New Guinea. Kratom is a species of the Rubiaceae family, and it contains two major psychoactive compounds: mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. It was reported that Kratom was used in Malaysia around 1836 as an opium replacement. In Thailand in the nineteenth century, Kratom was also utilized as an opium replacement. The chopped fresh or dried tree leaves have been traditionally used in Asia. They are chewed or brewed as a tea for combating fatigue and for improving job efficiency. Traditionally, local manual workers chewed the leaves in their raw form or put them into their tea as a powder. This practice was common in various locations of Southeast Asia. It was a commonly used practice to battle fatigue and boost the productivity of labour. This article covers how Kratom is used by individuals and what the ideal frequency of Kratom use should be.

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Contemporary Kratom Use: How It Is Used & Why?

It is estimated that the United States has had a prevalence of Kratom during the past year of 0.8%, and kratom users prefer to ingest Kratom as a pill, a powder, a capsule, or extract/tincture. Some chew kratom leaves or brew dried leaves to make a potent tea, while other individuals prefer to smoke the leaves or add them as a seasoning to food. The ideal frequency of Kratom usage is a subjective figure. For some people using Kratom at higher doses can act quite strongly. While in someone else, the same quantity will produce only mild feelings of re-energization, sociability, and alertness. In short, the ideal frequency of Kratom usage differs from person to person. At very high doses, there are also some side effects, which is why it is important to make informed decisions and practice caution. It is best to proceed with caution when using any new substance.

Kratom Chemical Effect

Kratoms alkaloids bind to receptors in our brain, which then produce an upsurge in the brain’s neurotransmitters or chemical messengers. This helps to regulate mood and influences the users’ decision-making process positively, enhancing focus. When the level of the neurotransmitters is increased in the brain, it makes a person feel better, thereby elevating their mood. This is why Kratom is often used. 

Everyday Methods of Kratom Use

Kratom Tea

String brewed kratom tea is a handy and effective way to prepare Kratom. It is important to note that desiccated Kratom leaf is powdered to make tea, and this powder is most effective for tea-making. Extracts should not be used; extracts are much more expensive, and the water’s temperature destroys mitragynine in its liquid form. Stepwise, we start by measuring between 2.5 and 15 grams of powdered leaf and putting it aside. Then we boil 0.5 to 1.0 litres of water. Too much water might dilute Kratom’s flavour, but it will not affect its phytochemical composition. The kratom powder is then put into a large cup/container with a lip, and subsequently, boiling water is poured into the container. We stir the mixture until it is uniform. Be sure there are no clumps of dry powder. Add sugar, artificial sweeter, or honey to cut its bitterness, and stir. Honey is generally preferred. Let the resulting beverage sit until it’s cool (at least 15 minutes), occasionally stirring from time to time. Once cooled, allow the powder to settle. That’s it! Your Kratom tea is ready. Pour the tea and enjoy it! You can add sweetener to taste or add more water or ice cubes to mask the flavour if you find it too strong. Kratom also tastes great when blended with popular teas sold around the world. Depending on the kratom strain, you can find great combinations with green teas, white teas, oolong teas, and many herbal tea blends. Some vendors sell these together to help you find the combination which best suits you. Some people brew this beverage and consume it throughout the day, while others only have a cup once a day.

Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules are another popular way for people to ingest Kratom. It’s necessary to note that smaller capsules are much better suited for kratom tinctures/extracts (due to the necessary dosage concentration of approximately 1/2 a gram to 1 gram. Larger capsules are best suited for regular kratom powdered leaves. The increased size allows them to hold up to 1 gram of leaf per capsule, minimizing the amount needed for a regular dose. Capsules also allow increased control over the exact quantity of Kratom ingested. This helps the user keep track of their use over time and decide on a minimally effective dosage.

Kratom Powders

This method requires the user to simply spoon the powder into the mouth and wash it down with any liquid. It is known as the toss and wash method. This is a risky method because the powder is dry and will stick to your mouth and throat; it can cause some users to choke or gag. Like capsules, this method provides some control over intake. But it is easy to ingest too much powder using a spoon. Some argue that toss and wash provide the purest effects of the kratom leaf, but it has also been known to cause digestive problems like constipation.

Mixing Kratom with Food

Kratom has a strong flavour and might not blend well with every dish. Make sure to experiment with flavour combinations beforehand. Mixing with food does not reduce the efficacy of Kratom, but ingesting Kratom on an empty stomach may change the subjective experience of its effects.

Kratom Dosage: Hitting That Sweet Spot While Staying Safe

Kratom is a very interesting plant. The alkaloid concentration of Kratom varies in every single strain of Kratom. This is why different strains of Kratom leaf have different effects on the user. This also explains why everyone is affected in different ways by the various different strains of Kratom. With that said, it is possible to establish a rough rule of thumb estimate depending on the strain used, for example. If you’re taking Kratom for energy enhancement, consider starting with white Kratom, a lower dose of around 1-5 grams should be sufficient to boost your energy. Red kratoms, when used in larger doses, e.g. 10-15 grams, will probably produce feelings of deep relaxation. It is always recommended to start at a low dose. 1-5 grams is a low dose.10-15grams is considered a high dose. We don’t recommend that anyone start off taking 10-15grams. That would produce very strong effects on the inexperienced user. A habitual user who’s potentially dealing with reduced sensitivity or tolerance issues or someone who’s heavier in size could need a higher dose. For most, however, sticking to 1-5grams is recommended. The most important thing is to make informed choices and to be safe- have some food in your stomach beforehand and start with smaller doses if you’re new to Kratom. How much Kratom you should use per day is largely dependent on your body size, your tolerance to Kratom, as well as the strain of Kratom you are using. Long story short, there is no set limit of daily kratom intake, and there is no ideal frequency for Kratom use, but we generally recommended that no one should exceed 20 grams per day. green thai

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