Kratom has been a part of alternative medicine and is used for its benefits by the natives. It has been a controversial herb, but as more and more people experience its merits, an increasing number of people are interested in researching it. As of now, with modernization and growth, the use of Kratom products has been greatly encouraged. Many companies and vendors have been introduced in the market who have launched their products locally or online. Due to the increasing demand for kratom, a lot of vendors have surfaced in the online industry. However, only a few maintain the standards or their products and processing earn a reputable standing. Meanwhile, there is tough competition among the Kratom brands; every company is trying its best to stand out amongst all. Unlike others, Hush Kratom has been able to take its place in the Kratom market and gain loyal customers. With its unbeatable customer services and distinctive product range, Hush Kratom company has been in the spotlight since its launch.


Intending to bring uniqueness and innovation to the Kratom market, multiple partners came together and launched Hush Kratom in 2018 based in Boise. These people have been in the Kratom industry over the past 10 years and know all the secrets that lead a business to success. While Hush Kratom has extensive experience in trading, its main focus is to sell the purest and most original kratom products. This is what makes Hush Kratom one of the best kratom vendors that have taken its place in the market. It targets consumers who are aware of the benefits of Kratom and are looking for high-quality products with high potency. Hush Kratom has put all its efforts into manufacturing supreme quality products that are not only efficacious for veterans but also suitable for novice Kratom users. It meets the preferences and needs of all customers by catering to all their demands and providing top-notch services.

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Why Is Hush Kratom Better Than Other Kratom Brands?

Whenever a Kratom company is launched, the owner considers certain factors to ensure that it stays in the spotlight and attracts a great audience. The criteria that Hush Kratom fulfills is stated below:

A Sorted and Unique Website

The online webpage of Hush Kratom gives off a very subtle and classy vibe. The choice of color helps in making everything pop out. Moreover, everything is categorized in a very simple manner so that the consumer can find its desired products with ease. The products are classified in a way that gives them an attractive look, encouraging the customers to place an order.

Supreme Quality of Products

Compared to Kratom products of other brands, the products of Hush Kratom win the race in their supremacy of quality. Their veteran farmers pick the most mature leaves in the kratom trees and process them under strict standards. The manufacturing and extraction procedure of their products is distinctive from many and mainly focuses on maintaining the purity and concentration of Kratom. On the one hand, the Kratom supplements of other brands include a concoction of alkaloids with an average of 15 gm Mitragynine alkaloids. Simultaneously, the herbal products of Hush Kratom have a considerably higher amount of the same alkaloid, thus producing profound effects. Furthermore, they also have a concentrated form available that is a pure extract containing powder of about 8 grams of Kratom plant leaves through which greater impact can be reached in lesser amounts.

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It Offers Distinctive Product Range

The product line of Hush Kratom is the best thing about it, and it is the main factor that differentiates it from other brands and contributes to its authenticity. The company has shown all its creativity in launching these products and continuously adds more to the list. Using the best extract and making the packaging of its products unique, Hush Kratom makes sure that the products can catch customers’ attention even when placed beside other products. Some of the highly recognized products include the following.

1. Hush Kratom Coffee Shots

The coffee shots are quite similar to the ultra shots in terms of the quantity and concentration of the extract. The only thing different from the latter is the strong flavor of coffee that is infused in it. What’s more? It is not only the flavor but also the extract of coffee that can be found in it along with the alkaloids. This means that every time the shot is taken, there you get a boost of caffeine in the body too.

2. Hush Kratom Gummies

Kratom gummy is a product that is generally not produced by the Kratom companies, though they are very convenient to use. The tropical-flavored gummies launched by Hush Kratom received great recognition. They have the most accurate quantity of the alkaloid, Mitragynine as each bite-sized gummy contains 10 – 11 mg. Every customer can adjust the dosage by consuming the preferred numbers of gummy in one go. Owing to the authenticity of the brand, each Kratom gummy has a highly concentrated amount of Kratom extract that equals one gram of Kratom leaf powder. They are sold in a packet containing 10 gummies.

3. Hush Kratom Soft Gel

The Kratom soft gels are specially manufactured for those customers who dislike the bitter taste of the alkaloid. In addition, these soft gels can be easily consumed owing to their texture and size. These are free of any contamination and contain a very standardized amount of alkaloids. While each soft gel contains 15 mg of Mitragynine, the entire bottle has a total of 225 mg of alkaloid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of Kratom capsules are available?

The capsules produced by Hush Kratom are in three types, Gold, Platinum, and Silver. Out of the three, the platinum caps were the first launch. All of them contains extracts equivalent to 3 – 4 leaves of Kratom.

Q. What makes the brand unique?

To extract the alkaloids from the Kratom plant (Mitragynine Speciosa), only the food-grade solvents are used by Hush Kratom. Also, GMP approves all the procedures taking place at Hush Kratom, and it makes sure that the final product remains free of all chemicals, pathogens,  heavy metals, and molds. In addition, they emphasize preventing the use of any additives and undesirable compounds like lipids, waxes, oil, tannins, etc. The ultimate goal of theirs is to have a pure and fine alkaloid product in the end.

Final Thoughts

As a kratom aficionado, you should go for vendors who are trustworthy and reliable in supplying quality products and excellent customer service. If you or someone you know wishes to use fresh Kratom products and purest in quality, you surely need to purchase them from Hush Kratom. All their products are infused with a highly concentrated extract, thus you can reap greater benefits from a little and controlled amount.

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