History of Kratom

In-Depth Look At The History Of Kratom: 15 Things You Must Know

The history of Kratom is a super subject to discuss. Since you have found this guide after searching online, you are probably interested in learning more about Kratom. Aren’t you?

Have you ever taken any herbal leaves before? If yes, you must be aware of the fact that exploring before you take them is a good approach to go with.

This read is prepared to make you familiar with every important aspect of Kratom before you start taking it. Doing this will add more fun to your whole journey. Let’s get to the roots.

What Actually Kratom Is?

Well, it is an evergreen tree that is found in the jungles of tropical regions in different parts of the world. The leaves of this tree are of great importance because they are used for different purposes and we will discuss them later in this article.

When Was Kratom Discovered For The First Time?

1836 was the year when this herb was discussed in the literature for the very first time in the history of Kratom. Malaysian researchers have got the honor of this discovery. This paper was focused on elaborating the use of tree leaves. In 1921, Ellen Field isolated mitragynine – an important component of this tree – for the first time. This is how the history of Kratom started.

Physical Appearance

This tree can go up to 82 feet in height whereas the diameter of the trunk is around 3 feet on average. When weighing, the weight of a dried leaf and a fresh leaf is 0.43 grams and 1.7 grams respectively.

The Kratom leaves come in dark green color and they are found in an oval shape. Every leaf can have a width of 100mm whereas they can flourish up to 180mm in length. The tree’s golden and spherical blossoms can have around 120 florets at maximum. Fruit is a shell with many little flat seeds within.

Scientific Name Of This Plant

Scientifically, Kratom is known as Mitragyna Speciosa. You can also use both the words “Mitragyna” and “Speciosa” separately to call this tree. In addition to that, some other names of this tree include Ketum, Korth, Kakuam, and a few more. So, if you see any of these names, you can consider them a Kratom without having a doubt in your mind.

Where Does Kratom Come From?

As far as the Speciosa growth is concerned, Southeast Asian regions are considered ideal for this purpose. These regions consist of a number of countries and other islands including but not limited to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brunei, Bali, Sumatra, and Borneo.

These places are responsible for providing the whole world with supreme quality strains. Indonesia alone provides the world with 95% of the total Mitragyna production.

What Type Of Environment Does It Need To Grow?

The atmospheric conditions that are considered ideal for the smooth cultivation of Korth should be humid and hot at the same time. Southeast Asian countries are known for their tropical climates that remain the same throughout the year. Such environmental conditions are good for the plant to protect all-natural properties.

Is It A Controversial Tree?

Well, there are a couple of unfortunate incidents that happened to Speciosa in the past that have damaged the credibility of this tree leaf to a great extent. One of such incidents is the negative media coverage in different parts of the world. Moreover, the research in this domain is very limited, and more clinical trials are required to establish any kind of medical claim.

Is It Legal For Me To Take Kratom?

This is an important question that many people ask frequently. The answer to this question is not that simple. Many countries around the world have lenient laws on Kratom whereas some regions have completely banned this herb within their premises. The reason why they have criminalized this tree leaf is; they don’t consider it as a safe substance.

Even some of the native countries including Malaysia and Thailand have outlawed this herb. As far as the US government is concerned, there is no restriction from the federal bodies. The history of Kratom is also a witness that this marvelous herb is legal in almost all states of the United States. However, 6 states have outlawed Mitragyna in the US.

Is It Popular Enough?

Earlier, it was not a popular substance but with the passage of time, it started gaining popularity. Right after becoming legal 3 years ago in 2018, Mitragyna captured the attention of the whole world including the regions where it is declared illegal.

What Makes This Herb So Special?

Going through the history of Kratom, it consists of credible chemical compounds that are responsible for governing major properties. These compounds are termed alkaloids. According to some studies, this plant consists of around 40 alkaloids out of which 7-hydroxy-mitragynine and mitragynine are available in higher concentrations.

Can Beginners Take This Tree Leaf?

According to some studies and the experiences of many users, newbies can absolutely take it as per their needs. Considering different scientific studies, manufacturers don’t appreciate people consuming Korth who are under 18.

Important Note: If you are on a mission to start your Speciosa journey, never ever think of overdosing rather you must begin with smaller amounts. If you don’t achieve desired results, you can increase your dose but gradually and not at once.

What Ways Can I Take Kratom?

There are a number of ways available to ingest this herb. Taking powder is the most common. You can consume capsules if you don’t really appreciate bitterness. In addition, extracts and tinctures, and tablets are also readily accessible.

You can add Kratom to your drinks or food products to enhance their taste. Apart from that, many people love to make Speciosa smoothies.

What Taste & Smell Does This Plant Carry?

All the kratom strains come with a bitter flavor and most of the time, users find it sharp enough to taste. As far as the fragrance of this tree leaf is concerned, it produces an earthy touch that is similar to the aroma coming from the wet soil.

Why Do Some Regions Face Kratom Ban?

Some places start believing in false medical claims and other publications that are not associated with enough data to establish those claims. Keeping this in mind, they think that Mitragyna can be a harmful substance for their community.

What Do Consumers Think Of This Magical Herb?

The way this plant promotes wellness for everyone has made the buyers become a die heart fan of this tree leaf. Some studies have shown that a large global community has switched to Kratom in order to get rid of other dangerous substances like heroin.

Ending Note

The history of Kratom was started back in 1836. Very few clinical trials and lack of medical research made this substance controversial making it face a complete ban in multiple regions. The legal status of Kratom is still not clear enough.

It may or may not be outlawed in the future. No doubt supporters and advocates are playing their part to protect this tree leaf and these efforts will likely be written in the history of Kratom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What dosage of Korth should I consume?

Answer: You should be aware of the fact that there is no fixed amount for you to take. The amount of dose may vary for different people. If a specific amount is giving you the desired results, it is not a must that it will work well for your younger brother.

Question: Can potent strains give me instant influence?

Answer: Yes, many users have acknowledged that whenever you consume extremely potent versions of Speciosa, it is highly likely that you will start feeling the influence within a few minutes. Whereas, less potent strains will take some time to show their properties.

Question: I like sharp influence. Should I go for kratom capsules, kratom powder, or kratom extracts?

Answer: Well, if you like bitterness, you should give extracts a try. You will enjoy it for sure.

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