Do you want to keep yourself at bay from poor quality and contaminated kratom products? Are you confused about which kratom vendor would be your best deal to buy kratom online? Your worry may end right here folks because I have done the time-investing homework to provide you with an authentic and well-researched review about the leading kratom brand – Herbal Salvation. The herbal Salvation Kratom vendor review will assess all the necessary hallmarks. By the end, you have to weigh the pros and cons, and decide what works best for you! So here we go without further ado! Green Super Kratom Powder by Amazing Botanicals

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Herbal Salvation or Viable Solutions? Let’s Clear The Confusion!

The Herbal Salvation was branded with the name Viable Solutions previously, but recently the company changed its name to Herbal Salvation. The brand name Viable Solutions is no more associated with Herbal Salvation, so you should not confuse both of the names.

A Sneak-peek Into The Kratom Brand – Herbal Salvation

Herbal Solvation was the first among a few kratom vendors who took the initiative of introducing kratom in the USA. They are located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and have been selling top-notch quality kratom for the past 15 years now. Without a doubt, they have won the hearts of millions of kratom enthusiasts by providing consistently superior quality kratom for more than a decade.

Top-12 Reasons Why Herbal Salvation Brand Is The Best Choice To Buy Kratom Online

You must be wondering what sets Herbal Salvation apart from the rest of the kratom vendors. Here’s a quick guide based upon 12 solid reasons explaining the unique features of Herbal Salvation. Have a read, and I bet you will end up trying their exclusive kratom products for sure.

1) Lab-tested Kratom Products

With their core focus on the finest quality, Herbal Salvation tests each batch of the Kratom by third parties. The third-party lab tests ensure that none of the products are contaminated and are safe to use by kratom lovers. For all the kratom users, lab-tested kratom products are a sure-shot sign of high potency, superior quality, and immense safety, and Herbal Salvation does not compromise it no matter what.

2) 30-day Money-back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can go for a 30-day money-back guarantee that Herbal Salvation offers. No matter if your product is opened or unopened (for the first time only), they will issue a refund within 7 days and this money-back guarantee is absolutely no-questions-asked. For opened products, make sure at least 80% of the product is intact. If you are interested in exchanging your product, you have got their back as well. Please check out how you can claim the return here.

3) Source Kratom From Southeast Asia

In 2019, this online kratom brand bought a 90 acre land in Southeast Asia, where kratom grows in its natural habitat. The rich organic soil results in superior quality, contaminant-free Mitragyna Speciosa. They source all their kratom strains from Southeast Asia, making sure that their customers enjoy only safe and 100% natural kratom.

4) GMP-certified Kratom Vendor

From seed to shelf, Herbal Salvation Kratom strictly follows all the GMP standards since its launch, and the products speak for their safe packaging, ethical farming, and manufacturing practices. So you can count on them for all your kratom needs because their products are made with immense care, and the quality remains intact until your last dosage.

5) Wholesale Kratom

Mega good news for all those who want to enjoy the perks of wholesale kratom! the brand helps the retailers and those who love to keep bulk kratom at home for extensive use. Do you know when you buy bulk kratom at Herbal Salvation, instead of paying more for a huge amount; you can save a huge amount? Yes! That’s true. You just have to fill this wholesale form on their website, and get to know all the exclusive offers at wholesale kratom. It’s high time to get one step closer to your very own kratom business.

6) Variety Packs For Beginners

If you are a newbie out there who does not know which kratom strain would be best for you, Herbal Salvation’s variety packs have got you covered! Currently, they are offering three variety packs, check the details below.

  • 2-way split kilo and 4-way split kilo for Vietnam Gold, Indo Bali, Red Thai, Maeng Da, and Green Malay kratom strains.
  • 500gram sample pack, containing 100 grams of five different kratom strains for $85.

7) Potent Strains

Although the brand has not stocked up a plethora of kratom strains what they have is wholesome, potent, and fast-acting. If you are a fan of kratom powders and capsules, you can buy the exclusive Maeng Da variety, Malay, Indo Bali, Thai, Vietnam, and Gold kratom at pretty reasonable prices. If you want to have a stronger kratom experience, their Nodzilla Kratom tincture, and Nodzilla Premium Extract capsules (2ct) would be your best bet.

8) Customer Care

Do you know herbal Salvation recalled their kratom products because lab-test reports were not clear and there was a chance of contamination? Also, those orders were already shipped out. This shows that Herbal Salvation will never compromise on providing top-quality and genuine kratom to the enthusiasts out there. Their customer care staff is proficient, friendly, and never leaves the customer unsatisfied.

9) User Reviews

The Reddit user reviews about Herbal Salvation are flooded with positive comments. According to Reddit users, their products are of pharmaceutical-grade, and their prices are unbeatable. One user says that he found Herbal Salvation as a winning kratom vendor against Socal.

10) Discounted Deals & Coupon Codes

At Herbal Salvation, you can buy discounted kratom products using their exclusive deals. If you review them using their URL, you get a 25% off coupon by email. The recent coupon codes HS10 and HS20 help you enjoy straight 10% and 20% off store-wide. What’s more? Subscribe to their newsletter for promotional offers.

12) Fast Shipping

All the orders placed before 2:30 pm MST are shipped the same day through Monday to Friday, and they do not work on holidays. All the orders placed after 2.30 pm MST are shipped the next day (except for Fridays). If you place an order worth $75 or above, you get to enjoy FREE SHIPPING at Herbal Salvations. Those who prefer COD as their payment method, but these orders are only shipped via UPS and FedEx. Moreover, the tracking code helps to keep a check on the movement of your order, pretty convenient, no?

13) Secure Payments

With Herbal Salvation, you get to pay securely, and all of your personal information is kept confidential. So what are you waiting for? Get all your kratom needs satisfied from Herbal Salvation today! Trainwreck Kratom Capsules by Amazing Botanicals

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are the prices at Herbal Salvation reasonable?

Yes, the prices at Herbal Salvation are pretty reasonable. Imagine, you can get white-vein Maeng Da (25g) just for $5. A few strains are also available for $125 for 1kilo.

2) Should I subscribe to the Herbal Salvation newsletter?

If you want to stay up to date about their exclusive offers, promotions, and recent news updates about kratom, then you should definitely hit the subscribe icon.

3) Is Herbal Salvation Maeng Da worth a try?

If you are looking for an energy boost, positive mood, relaxation, and enhanced focus, you should surely buy Herbal Salvation’s White Maeng Da.

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