Green Elephant Kratom has started serving the community for the last few years. It has not been in the market for a long time. As far as Kratom variety is concerned, it comes in several different products that millions of users love to add to their daily routines. If you are a true Speciosa fan, you must be trying different strains too.

Some Mitragyna variants are rich in prominent alkaloids whereas some of them come in less concentrations. The experienced users love to take the strains that carry higher alkaloid concentrations because they give more potent influence. How about you?

The manufacturers, as well as regular consumers, always tell the buyers that they must make themselves familiar with the important information on a specific strain they want to start their journey with.

If you are planning to ingest Green Elephant Kratom, you should know about all the important features of this particular Kratom variant. This guide has covered everything in this regard. Let’s get a bit deeper.

What Precisely Is Green Elephant Kratom?

It is comparatively a rare strain of Mitragyna Speciosa. It is not as popular as other strains like Maeng Da, Borneo, Indo, and Malay. But, when it comes to the Elephant Family, the green vein is more popular compared to its white, red, and yellow alternatives.

Due to the presence of higher concentrations of important alkaloids, some users compare it with Super Elephant Speciosa. Overall, newbies and regular users love to take this tree leaf but experienced consumers are more attracted to this herb. The information on other important features of this plant is provided below.

Where Does This Vein Come From?

This tree leaf comes from Northwest Sumatra. It is a reputed region in Indonesia. Accessing this region is a difficult job; therefore, it is not harvested on a larger scale for commercial purposes. So, finding a trusted supply of this strain is a challenging task. The native farmers collect the purest version of this herb and export it without adding any chemicals or other additives.

Why Is This Called Green Elephant Kratom?

This herb is extracted from the leaves of Elephant Kratom when they are at mid maturity. They give a look pretty similar to the ears of elephants and produce a greenish shade. Keeping in mind both of these factors, the manufacturers have associated this herb with Green Elephant Kratom.

What Kind Of Smell Does It Have?

The fragrance that this plant produces is none other than earthy. Many users are crazy fans of this aroma and they enjoy smelling this tree leaf. The fragrance is comparable to the smell of a wet grassy lawn at your home.

Do People Like Its Taste?

The people who like to eat food items with a sharp taste love to consume this plant because it produces a bitter flavor. You can compare it with the taste produced by the sour food items.

How About Its Physical Appearance?

As mentioned earlier, this plant comes in green color. The physical appearance can help you find the right item when purchasing from either an online or offline seller.

Popular Alkaloids Governing The Major Characteristics

Overall, there are multiple alkaloids present in this specific strain including but not limited to:

  • Mitraphylline
  • Rauhimebine
  • Mitragynine
  • 7-hydroxy-mitragynine

The concentration of mitragynine is higher compared to all other alkaloids.

Green Elephant Vs Other Elephant Strains

The properties of Green Elephant Speciosa are somewhere between red and white veins of the same family. Green Elephant is obtained from the mid mature leaves whereas red veins are extracted from the fully matured leaves. Similarly, young leaves are used to obtain White Elephant Kratom.

Where To Purchase Green Elephant Kratom?

This is the question frequently asked by many users, especially the ones who want to start their journey. Newcomers usually find it difficult to select a trusted Kratom seller because of a number of scams in the market. Sometimes sellers focus on generating more revenues thereby adding contaminants.

Are you looking for a trusted online Mitragyna merchant for a long time? Unable to find the one? The good news for you is Amazing Botanicals is offering premium quality Speciosa strains for all the customers. The major goal behind establishing this business was to provide everyone with wonderful Kratom products that too at affordable prices.

The best part of shopping from this brand is you can get all the products to your doorstep with superb discounted deals. In addition, Amazing Botanicals is known for its amazing customer service facilities as well as the easy return policy. You can explore this online store today to purchase your favorite strains.

How Can I Consume Green Elephant Speciosa?

This is the most common question that many users often ask. Some of the frequently used consumption methods are discussed below.

The easiest and convenient way to ingest this herb is “toss and wash”. For this, you need to put some powder in your mouth and start drinking either water or juice to swallow it. It sounds a bit bitter.

If you don’t appreciate bitterness, you can try consuming Green Elephant capsules to overcome this issue. The capsules are known for reducing the overall sharpness and are readily available these days.

Moreover, you are free to add this herb to your beverages or food items. Making tea is another magnificent way to take this tree leaf. You can find some more methods while exploring online.

What Do Customers Think Of This Kratom Variant?

It is pretty famous among buyers due to the potent nature it has. This vein is more popular compared to red and white veins of the same family. This is another reason why a huge number of customers love to ingest this magical herb. You can find it in both online and physical shops at fair pricing but you need to ensure the quality.

Last Thoughts

Green Elephant Kratom is a new strain compared to other reputed variants of Kratom. It originates from an Indonesian region – Sumatra and attracts both regular users and newbies. If you want to purchase it, try buying from Amazing Botanicals. They will not disappoint you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does Green Elephant Kratom carry caffeine?

Answer: Not really. Instead of carrying caffeine, this plant consists of multiple alkaloids that are responsible to control all the major properties. These alkaloids mimic the caffeine influence and make this herb an amazing alternative to caffeine.

Question: Why is it necessary for me to buy a lab-tested Green Elephant?

Answer: Well, a lab-test report provided by an independent 3rd party laboratory ensures that you are purchasing the authentic stuff. All the reputed sellers always provide you with either certificate of analysis or lab-test reports to grab your attention. Therefore, it is a must for you to have a look at lab tests before you buy Green Elephant Speciosa.

Question: Am I allowed to take this plant?

Answer: As long as you are above 18 years of age and you are living in a place where Kratom is allowed to consume, you can take this plant anywhere you want. For this, you must be aware of your state or country laws on Mitragyna Speciosa.

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