Amongst a big market of kratom vendors, Grass Root Harvest (GRH) kratom is a new vendor. The company is based out in the Austin state of Texas, Houston. Being a new brand in the kratom market, GRH Kratom has made its name as a sign of the best and premium quality kratom products. GRH kratom has started its business at a small level a few years ago. They kept a standard from beginning to make kratom products with high purity and quality. Grass Root Harvest kratom adopts a particular technique to process the kratom. They follow excellent production method. Each step follows best quality control procedures and assure the removal of all contaminants and impurities. With it, the special technical procedure preserves the whole alkaloid profile start from the beginning till the formation of the required product. Although GRH kratom has established its name, the absence of no lab tests provided by the vendor may cause doubts about the product’s quality. However, the quality of products is top-notched, suggested by the users. The company generally has very positive reviews from customers. Moreover, The company also claims to produce premium quality kratom products.

Products Offered By Grass Root Harvest Kratom

GRH kratom presents a number of kratom products for sale. These are available in different forms like powder and capsular forms. Various quantities are also available for capsular form including 4gm, 25gm, 100gm, 500gm, and 1kg. For the powder form, 45gm, 100gm, 500gm, and 1kg packaging options are available. All four strains are presented by the company, including Red Vein, White Vein, Green Vein, Yellow Vein. Here is the list of various Grass Root Harvest kratom: • Red Indo Powder • Super Yellow Powder • White Maeng Da powder • Boost Powder • Green Horn Powder Green Maeng Da Powder • Joy Powder • Relax Powder • Borneo kratom • Hulu kratom • Papua kratom • Bali kratom • Sumatra kratom • Thai kratom

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Price Range Offered By Grass Root Harvest Kratom

Prices of GRH kratom products are according to the forms and quantities. If you buy capsular form, the price ranges between 3$ to 250$, depending upon the size of packaging and number of capsules. If you buy the powdered form, the price ranges between 22$ to 110$, it also depends upon the quantity of powder inside the packaging. So you can avail the packet of your choice and requirements with air-tight sealed container. The company assures the purity and freshness of the product inside the package.

Credibility Of The Brand

Whenever we talk about the credibility of any health product brand, medical and laboratory tests have a significant role in checking the quality of the product. But this is a drawback of GRH kratom that it did not give any medical or lab report or anything about the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and on their website. But it does not mean that the brand sells poor quality or substandard products. They distribute good and premium quality kratom products. The process of making fine powder of kratom from kratom leaves comprises various crucial steps including pricking of leaves, sorting them out, drying, and finally grinding them into a fine powder without a single lump. So you can try the GRH kratom products with complete trust and reliability.

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Customer Service By Grass Root Harvest Kratom

GRH kratom has an active website, having options of the privacy policy, terms and conditions, customer care helpline number, and FAQs with other details. They play their part very well. They have responsible and efficient representatives to deal with their valuable customers. GRH kratom has also made its appearance active on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. But unfortunately, they have fewer customer reviews and feedback. But even then, the company is playing its role positively and continuously with consistency. They deal with their customers with 100% satisfaction and directly communicate with them to deal with their questions and queries.

Shipment And Refund Policy Of GRH Kratom

GRH kratom distributes its products throughout the United States. The delivery methods include UPS services, Carrier, and US postal service. You can pay online or give cash on delivery of the order. If the received product is damaged or the seal is broken, you can claim within 10 business days. The company offers you a 100% money back guarantee. One more appreciating step of this new vendor is that their packaging is very impressive. They pack their products in quite a fresh form, without any preservative, in an air-tight container or sealed pouch. It keeps the inside product fresh and contaminant-free for a longer time. It also preserves its particular aroma. The tins are reusable and can be store at room temperature. The brand also has a simple refund policy. In case you do not like the product and you didn’t open the seal, you can return it back with 100% cash back. Partial payments are also paid back, depending upon the circumstances.

Some Drawbacks Of Grass Root Harvest Kratom

Being a new vendor in the market Grass Roots Harvest kratom has some drawbacks. Firstly, they offer kratom only in two forms, which are powder and capsules. But the people demand more forms like tinctures, shots, and extracts, etc. The company website does not have any laboratory test reports or results. This is a serious issue that makes people hesitate to choose GRH kratom products. Another shortcoming of GRH kratom is that the company does not have any GMP compliance. It also creates some security issues for the customers.


In conclusion, we can say that being a new vendor in the market, they have to work harder to become one of the leading kratom selling brands in the market. There are many positive aspects of Grass Root Harvest kratom with fewer shortcomings. But the company is continuously working hard for its betterment and development. However, the company does not claim any adverse effect induced by their product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Grass Roots Harvest kratom offer all forms of kratom?

Ans: No Grass Roots Harvest kratom only offers only powder and capsular form.

2) Does GRH kratom have online buying services?

Ans: Yes, GRH kratom has an established online selling shop.

3) Does GRH kratom deliver out of the United States?

Ans: No, GRH kratom delivers only in the United States.

4) Within how many days, we can contact for returning back of products, in case of no or less


Ans: You can contact them within 30 days.

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