For people who are new in the Kratom world, this plant is still a mystery. But for those who are Kratom enthusiasts, this herb is nothing new. Kratom is a plant that grows in the regions of Southeast Asia like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other such native countries. This herb is being used traditionally in these regions since the nineteenth century! It dates back to hundreds of years ago for its traditional use as a natural remedy by the tribal people living there. This plant gained popularity among the rest of the world when people started to make products out of the leaves instead of just chewing them or smoking them like tobacco. These are the same tribal people who harvest the leaves from the tree and crush them to make suitable products that are sold different vendors. The leaves are some important due to its chemical. These leaves have a special alkaloid Mitragynine, which is the key chemical compound present in the leaves and has various therapeutic purposes, as claimed by their consumers. This article is going to provide you with in-depth analysis regarding the legalities of Kratom and whether you can find it at GNC or not. Green Bali

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What Is Kratom GNC?

General Nutrition Centres, abbreviated as GNC, is a company that deals with products such as nutritional supplements. They have a wide range of health and beauty products that include supplements and products related to weight loss or bodybuilding. Along with these supplementary products, it also keeps herbal products in stock. Not only does GNC sell products from its brand, and other that are owned by a third party.

Why Do People Choose GNC To Buy Their Products?

GNC sells two categories of products; one owned by the Kratom GNC store itself and one owned by a 3rd party.It is a one-stop-shop for all your health and beauty-related products. The main benefit that is caused by these stores is that it makes shopping easy for the customer. There is no hassle to run in between stores to buy their products from. A bonus point to all of this is that it deals with products that are of high quality, so the customers are not scared of any fraud when they buy their products. Many new buyers who have discovered Kratom on their own are under the impression that Kratom GNC goes hand in hand since this retail industry deals with all sorts of herbs and supplements. But in reality, this is not the case. Kratom is not available at any of the GNC stores. In addition, Kratom or its kratom products are not sold in any medical store across the whole U.S. There are some legit reasons behind it, but the Kratom enthusiasts feel bummed out about it.

What Are The Reasons Behind The Non-availability Of Kratom At GNC?

  • Non-Approved By The FDA

Kratom is still not approved by the FDA. This is the main reason that stands in its way of getting a medical green light. The Kratom products are still under the research category. Thus, making it a rare possibility to be sold in pharmacies or medical shops. GNC, on the other hand, only sells herbs that are rightly acclaimed by the FDA. This is why Kratom GNC does not sell any of these products.

  • Imported Products

As mentioned above, the Kratom products are harvested and made mostly in Southeast Asian regions so that the plants are grown under optimal conditions and in favorable soils. Now since these products are imported from other countries, they are packed there too. Because they’re not packed under the supervision of GNC experts, they do not trust the contents present inside the package. The company cannot even open the packaging to check what’s inside because that would lead to contamination of the product. Thus, Kratom GNC does not deal with any product related to Kratom to eliminate any problems they may have to face in selling a bad or illegal product inside the packaging.

  • Unknown Legal Status

No company would sell products that have questions regarding the laws and bylaws attached to them. Since Kratom still lies in the research category, the status of its legality remains unclear. Most US states have banned the use and distribution of kratom within their territories, making its safe use a subject of controversy. Due to this unsure nature of its legal status, Kratom GNC has not approved of adding the product in their stores.

  • Inflated Prices

A company like Kratom GNC that will be just selling these products will have to buy the stock entirely from the manufacturer. This means that they will have to pay for all the costs, from the harvest to the import. Now when a company pays for all these extensive procedures, they will have to sell it at a price that compensates for all costs. This will result in an inflation of Kratom costs, making the GNC Kratom more expensive than the regular item available online. When GNC would have to sell products that are this expensive, their cost-effective policy will go in vain. No customer would want to buy a product that has inflated prices than those available online. Thus, it will cause a major setback for the whole store.

  • The Rare Credit Card Policy

What if someone were to tell you that credit card processing companies hold the right to label products as “high risk” and not allow their sales? As bizarre as it sounds, this is true. These companies hold the authority to decide if they want to allow the buying and selling of products. In any case, if you do not comply with the rules and go on to accept a credit card payment for such high-risk products, your whole vendor’s credit card processing account can get shut down. A company like Kratom GNC can never allow such a negative drawback for its stores. Hence, it has kept such products completely off its list.

What Other Options Do You Have?

Since Kratom GNC is not an option to buy your herbs from, you can always visit local smoke shops or gas stations to buy your stash from. These herbs are readily available in any of these shops considering their legal status in your state. If you have questions about the quality or whether you are buying the right products or not, you can always turn to online vendors. To check if any website is legit and has the best quality products, you can always turn in to read reviews about that company online. Choose which option is best for you, and give it a go!

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