Kratom has become such a trend that it is now readily available in stores and online, but among this massive Kratom business, how do you find your desired strain? And how do you get to know if the Kratom you are having is really of high quality and not just some regular kratom? EZ Kratom helps you solve all your Kratom-related queries. It provides you with top-notch high-quality Kratom not only in small quantities but in bulks as well. They maintain and ensure the best quality in every order you send, and they check every strain before sending it to the customer. They claim that they check it even before it is tested. If the Kratom looks off, or even if its color is different, they throw it. Kratom is an evergreen tree known as Mitragyna Speciosa Korth; it is a part of the coffee family and local to Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, New Guinea, Indonesia, etc. EZ Kratom sells it to people above 18 years old, and there are specific terms that you have to comply with.

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As the Kratom market is increasing daily and the demand for Kratom is very high, several shops and online stores fulfill your kratom-based needs. Still, it is difficult to find the right strain for you among so many options, and if you need Kratom in bulk, EZ Kratom is the best option for you. They provide you with high quality in huge quantities and tested Kratom with a full guarantee. Two people started EZ Kratom to meet all your kratom needs. They claim to throw away any faulty or defaulted Kratom. They also help in bulk purchases and help in refunds. EZ Kratom helps in guiding its clients before buying after and during the purchase process.


EZ Kratom provides its customer with a wide range of Kratom and its strain, all in different types and forms. Some of the unique things that you need to know are:


EZ Kratom is an online-based store, and they have an outstanding customer care service through calls and text; they also have Twitter handle where you can get in touch with them, they also have google Id for you to mail them as well as they can be reached through their website which is 24/7 accessible. They work with orders of wholesale Kratom in powdered form, in extract form, as well as in high dimension powders.

Testing And Corona

Kratom at EZ Kratom is not only lab-tested but also evaluated manually. They check the Kratom before even sending it to the laboratories; they check the color, smell, and freshness. If even one thing appears off or even if one of the things is suspected to be questionable, the whole lot is thrown away and not even sent to the labs. Even in this pandemic situation, EZ Kratom was delivering and providing help to buyers. It gave you numbers, but their website has a special covid tab where you can see the covid related information.

Quality Check

EZ Kratom provides Kratom in powdered form and extracts from all in wholesale. The specialty of their products is that they provide wholesale at a very cheap rate which can make you doubt them. All the products available at EZ Kratom are tested and tried before. They are safe and secure to use, and the relative associations approve all.


EZ Kratom has a point system where you can get regard in the form of discounts and samples. They give you 50 points for a review, 500 for account creation, and 5 points per 1$ purchase. Moreover, use coupon code “JULY2021” at checkout time to get a 20% discount. With points, you can redeem a reward without any application of coupon code, etc.

Products Information

EZ Kratom gives you Kratom in powder form and extract-based form. They have got their Kratom in sizes 00 and 000, which starts from $25 only. They have got extracts in the gold spectrum, they have got capsules and powdered form as well, all ranging from different prices and sizes but in high quality.


At EZ Kratom COD is available, and orders are shipped the same day if the orders are placed before 2 PM eastern time. They do not deliver anywhere on weekends. But to further help you, they do not mention Kratom anywhere on the package or anywhere.

Payment’s System

COD payment method is available as well as they have an e-check system. They do not prefer credit or debit card systems; although they had that too at the start of their business now, they prefer other payment sources.

Variety of Product

EZ Kratom provides its client with the best Kratom at the wholesale level available in the market at the lowest price possible. They have got all the strains for you available wholesale. They have Kratom powders in all the colors and variants similarly; they have got Kratom from all the different areas, Bali, Borneo, Indo, Malay, etc. All are available in bulk for its client.

Bonus Points

Following are the points that make EZ Kratom stand out:

  • They give you help to acquire your desired strain at the lowest price and in bulk.
  • The brand gives you refunds on all the stock you purchased if you are not satisfied with it or have found a problem.
  • They offer a reward system that can be redeemed through points that can be earned simply by reviewing the product or simply purchasing from them. These points and rewards can get you a vast, discounted price deal.
  • EZ Kratom has the best possible customer care system, they aid you through the whole process of purchase till the end, and you can get in touch with them through their social media handle, phone line numbers, and websites or texts.

Final Words

EZ Kratom has the best customer care service, and they provide you kratom wholesale for your bulk needs and all the extra care that they put in for your sake that too at the cheapest rate available at the market. All in all, they are the best wholesale kratom vendors that you can come across who have fresh and juicy Kratom for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is COD available at EZ Kratom Store?

Yes, it is available, and to help you out further, COD orders are delivered the same day as well, only if the order is placed before 2 PM.

Do they mention Kratom on the package or keep it discreet?

Not to help the customer maintain their privacy, Kratom is not mentioned anywhere on the package.

How to redeem points?

You can redeem your points directly while checking out the process, and that is how you will get a considerable discount.

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