If you are looking for the most powerful Kratom experience, then our Enhanced Kratom Powder is exactly what you need. Kratom connoisseurs who are used to the strongest types of Kratom and have a high tolerance will discover that Enhanced Kratom Powder works incredibly well, and is much stronger than even the most premium Kratom strains. Here’s the inside scoop about how we make this powerful Kratom product: We start with our 100% natural and pure Kratom leaf, which is lab tested and naturally contains high concentrations of Kratom’s primary alkaloids Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Then we mix in 50X Kratom Extract. 50X means that each gram of extract was created from 50 grams of Kratom leaf. Therefore, this 50X Kratom Extract is astonishingly powerful.   In every kilo of Enhanced Kratom Powder there are 900 grams of regular Kratom leaf and 100 grams of 50X Kratom Extract. This high concentration of 50X Kratom Extract makes our Enhanced Kratom Powder extremely powerful. Due to this, even veteran Kratom users should start with a low dose Our Enhanced Kratom Powder comes in three different varieties, including Red Enhanced, White Enhanced, and Green Enhanced. Therefore, you can get the enhanced version of the type of Kratom that you prefer the most, or you can get all three in order to have optimal variety. The reason that we are are publishing this blog post today is because we have some exciting news. Enhanced Kratom used to cost $250+ per kilo, but we have slashed the price to just $150 per kilo if you use the code MAY at checkout. But get it quick, because this deal is only for a limited time! This deal is even more incredible because it includes free USPS Priority shipping as well as a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee where you can get an exchange or full refund. Also, we ship domestically from the United States, we accept credit/debit cards, and we have a live customer service hotline at 888-308-3770 or info@amazingbotanicals.net, in order to ensure that you will have the best experience when buying Kratom products from us.  Try our Enhanced Kratom today, you will not be disappointed, in-fact you will likely have the best day ever! This is literally the strongest Kratom powder on the market, and every Kratom connoisseur should have this in their collection. 

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