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Enhanced And Ultra Enhanced Kratom: Are They Different?

The discussion on enhanced and ultra enhanced Kratom is attracting thousands of Speciosa consumers belonging to various parts of the globe. Well, this is not something new because every now and then, a new subject gets started in the Mitragyna industry. In fact, it is the real beauty of this particular domain.

Nowadays, the Speciosa industry is providing you with hundreds of different varieties and is continuously expanding its network. If you are a newbie, it would become a bit complicated for you to choose a specific item from hundreds of products.

In such a scenario, it is better to do some online research to familiarize yourself with important aspects of Mitragyna and its different kratom strains.

The word “enhanced and ultra enhanced Kratom” has gained enough popularity these days in the market but many newbies are unaware of it. Are you on the hunt to collect some untold facts on these strains? This read is surely going to help you a lot. Let’s get into a detailed discussion.

What Precisely Is Enhanced Kratom?

In simple words, you can say that this strain is designed to provide you with an enhanced or improved version of Mitragyna. It produces an instant influence because the potency level associated with this Kratom variant is higher than other strains.

According to experienced consumers, enhanced Korth can show its properties for a longer time in comparison to other variants of Speciosa. The time for which it keeps on showcasing its influence depends on how the vendor prepares it.

Before you blindly purchase enhanced Mitragyna, it is a must for you to know how it is prepared. It helps you select the right amount of dose to be taken.

How Enhanced Kratom Gets Formed?

There are a couple of ways to prepare enhanced Korth but we will discuss the frequently used method to get a better understanding. Kratom in bulk is required to form an enhanced version of Korth. Take 15-20g of Speciosa and put it into the boiling water. Keep on boiling it until it becomes solid.

Once you get a solid form, convert it into a fine kratom powder. Some manufacturers also add extract powder to enhance the overall influence of the plant. Don’t forget to ensure that the amount of powder you have made earlier must be higher than the extract powder added later.

If you take it for granted, the end product will have more contents of extract powder making it not so influential.

You would be wondering why manufacturers add extract powder. Aren’t you? Well, the reason behind adding it is; it consists of two major alkaloids – 7-hydroxy-mitragynine and mitragynine. This is why the enhanced Kratom comes with more potency compared to other Mitragyna variants.

How Should I Use Enhanced Kratom?

As mentioned earlier, enhanced Speciosa is rich in prominent alkaloids that make it extremely potent. Therefore, if you are planning to start taking this herb, you should be pretty careful with the amount you consume. It is always better to initiate your journey with smaller amounts and you can increase it later on. Always increase gradually and not at once.

Important Note: If you are a new user, regular consumers say that you should go for Kratom leaves and powders instead of trying enhanced Mitragyna at the start of your journey.

Are you looking for ways to consume enhanced Mitragyna? Well, different people prefer using different ways. Some of the most common methods to consume this herb are kratom capsules and you can also add it to your coffee or tea.

How Much Enhanced Speciosa Should I Consume?

There is no particular amount or dose that can perform well for every single user. It may vary with certain factors including but not limited to age, medical history, physical activity, and working schedule of a user.

Do you pay close attention to your dose? If yes, you should always consult your doctor before you start consuming this plant.

Why Some Sellers Don’t Sell Enhanced Mitragyna?

With the growing Kratom industry, many sellers have started confusing the term “enhanced Speciosa”. This way, they often sell outdated and contaminated strains just to deceive buyers and to make as many profits as they can. It is indeed a damaging stance for the whole industry.

Keeping in mind these activities, reputed sellers have started focusing on protecting their reputation without getting involved in any kind of suspicious activity. This is the only reason why some vendors don’t prefer selling an enhanced form of Korth.

What Actually Is Ultra Enhanced Kratom?

There is not any specific difference between enhanced and ultra enhanced Kratom. The only thing that can create a slight difference is the way they are manufactured. You may have come across some Mitragyna merchants that sell super enhanced and ultra enhanced Speciosa. They both are basically enhanced Korth made differently.

The trends keep on varying with the passage of time. Some vendors associate their products with fancy names just to make buyers feel that they are getting something very special that is not available elsewhere.

In fact, enhanced Kratom is the enhanced version of Speciosa. Don’t get involved in super-enhanced or ultra enhanced because they just vary in the preparation techniques.

How Do Manufacturers Prepare Ultra Enhanced Kratom?

The method is pretty similar to preparing “enhanced Mitragyna”. Not every strain can produce good ultra-enhanced Korth but you need to take extremely potent strains to get the best possible results. It could be Bali, Maeng Da, or Indo.

You have to prepare a water-soluble Speciosa extract. Then, add your second Mitragyna base (Indo, Maeng Da, or any other you want). Mix the solution very well and allow it to sit for evaporation. This way, the extract will be left behind. Now, you can add 1,000-1,500mg alkaloids to your strain to enhance the overall influence to a great extent.

How Much Ultra Enhanced Speciosa Should I Take?

Since it is almost the same as enhanced Speciosa; therefore, the dosage instructions will remain the same i.e., take a smaller amount in the beginning and closely monitor how it behaves with your body and system. You can, later on, increase the amount accordingly.

What Types Of Ultra Enhanced Kratom Are Available In The Market?

Multiple types of this variant are readily available in the market and the most common of them are listed below.

  • Ultra Enhanced Bali Kratom: Manufacturers use large leaves to prepare this strain because they contain a higher concentration of alkaloids. 99% pure extract powder is added with Bali to give it a solid boost.
  • Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da Kratom: 1000mg alkaloids are available in every 2 grams of powder. Many consumers compare its fragrance with Red Maeng Da Speciosa. An intensive odor is proof of higher alkaloid concentration.
  • Ultra Enhanced Indo Speciosa: It is a mixture of Bali and Indo extracts. Some people compare it with Bali but the influence is highly potent.

Ending Note

Whenever you see a discussion on enhanced and ultra enhanced Kratom, don’t get deeply involved in it. They both are the same but sellers have tried to make a different picture for both of them. Both enhanced and ultra enhanced Kratom depict the premium and supreme version of Mitragyna Speciosa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I buy this premium form of Kratom from a gas filling station?

Answer: Yes, you may find it at gas stations but to ensure good quality and high purity, regular consumers prefer buying it from online trustworthy sellers offering free shipping and easy returns.

Question: I’m new to the Speciosa industry. Can I take ultra-enhanced Kratom?

Answer: Well, it comes with extremely high potency. Being a new user, you may find it unpleasant. So, try taking capsules instead.

Question: I’ve got a little baby to take care of. Can I take this plant?

Answer: As per the instructions of sellers, they don’t appreciate pregnant and nursing ladies taking Kratom.

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