Elephant Kratom belongs to the family of strains that are rare compared to many other variants. Although Mitragyna Speciosa is no longer a rare plant to the world, some of its types are still not known to many regions and they need strong support from the Korth enthusiasts to spread awareness about them.

Many strains of Kratom are named after their origins whereas the names of some variants are associated with their physical appearance – colors. Apart from that, there are some kratom versions that are neither named after their colors nor regions and Elephant Speciosa is one of them.

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Just like other types of Korth, Elephant Kratom also comes in different colors and we will discuss them later in this guide. It contains a lot more interesting facts associated with this herb. Are you getting curious to know about everything within a few minutes? You are at the right place. Let’s get started.

What Is Elephant Kratom?

It is relatively a rare strain and does not have as many fans as popular variants have. Generally, the Korth tree produces small leaves but this strain comes with pretty large ones. Its leaves can be as long as many feet. Isn’t that shocking when it comes to the length of the leaves of any plant? What do you say?

It is one of the potent versions of Mitragyna Speciosa that comes with shiny leaves and hence gives an eye-catchy look. These leaves consist of higher concentrations of major alkaloids thereby maintaining the potency level.

Where Does This Variant Originate From?

It is grown and harvested in Indonesia on a famous island – Sumatra where the climate remains tropical throughout the year. It means you can not predict when the weather is going to be raining and when it will become hot and humid. But, this weather makes the growth of this strain pretty smooth.

Why Is It Known As Elephant Kratom?

The name of this variant is associated with the droopy shape of the leaves. The word “droopy” means the elephant’s ear-like shape. This is how the leaves of this herb look like.

How Does Elephant Kratom Taste?

Well, it gives an acetous touch when you take it. You get sort of a sharp feeling that sounds a bit pungent. Many people like the bitterness it produces for them but at the same time, some users don’t appreciate this kind of feeling.

What Scent Does It Have?

This plant produces a woodsy aroma or you can say that it gives a mossy touch. Many users claim that it comes with an earthy fragrance.

What Alkaloids Does This Kratom Variant Contain?

It contains multiple alkaloids including but not limited to mitragynine,7-hydroxy-mitragynine, mitraphylline, and rauhimenbine.

How Does It Get Cultivated?

The cultivation process is pretty similar to the other variants of kratom. Farmers wait for the plant to get matured and then carefully pick the healthy leaves by hand thereby making sure that no leaf is damaged. Right after that, they wash the leaves and expose them directly to sunlight to make them dry.

Once the leaves get dried, they pass every single leaf through a unique grinding technique. It helps them convert the dried leaves into a consistent powdered version which is used in the manufacturing of many products.

What Makes This Variant Different From Other Strains?

The major thing that creates a difference is the size of its leaves as they can grow up to a couple of feet which is not common in the case of other strains.

Different Types of Elephant Kratom

Based on color, it is available in:

  • Gold Elephant
  • White Elephant
  • Green Elephant
  • Red Elephant

How Can I Take Elephant Kratom?

The vendors offer this tree leaf in different forms. You can choose any of the below-mentioned forms.

  • Pills
  • Tinctures
  • Powder
  • Concentrates
  • Capsules

The powder is the simplest way whereas tinctures give the most potent influence of this herb.

What To Consider When Buying A Perfect Elephant Kratom?

The very first thing you should consider when making your purchase is the origin of Elephant Mitragyna. If it is sourced from Indonesia, it means it is good enough to take. The next thing you should keep in mind is its production process. It shows how carefully a product is processed.

Lab-tests also play a key role in ensuring the credibility of this herbal plant. Once the product is ready, you should consider how carefully it is packed.

Where Should I Purchase Elephant Kratom?

Nowadays, purchasing the right strain in its original form is a bit tricky task to do. The market is saturated to a great extent and many vendors are just concerned about making more and more money. They start taking product quality and customers’ health for granted just because of generating a few dollars. It is really bad of them. Isn’t it?

The happy news is that we have made the entire process simple yet effective for you. Based on customer reviews, the quality of products, customer support services, lab tests, and other similar important parameters, Amazing Botanicals is at the top of the Elephant Kratom market. If you want to swim your worries away, contact this seller and get wonderful items at discounted prices.

Ending Note

Elephant Kratom originates from the Indonesian island – Sumatra. It consists of leaves larger in size compared to other variants of this plant. Amazing Botanicals is offering all-natural Elephant Speciosa. Give them a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the most popular way to take this strain?

Answer: Well, consumption, most of the time, is a personal choice. But, when it comes to the majority, a huge community is in love with taking a powdered version of Elephant Speciosa. The reason behind why they choose this method is they find it more convenient compared to any other way of consuming this plant.

Question: I’m pretty confused. Should I go to a nearby smoke shop or buy it online?

Answer: This could be a personal choice too. But, if you love to carry items in hand and want to check them every time before you pay for them, going to a nearby store will suit you. But, if you are the kind of person who can trust a seller claiming to provide some crazy stuff, there is no better option other than buying online.

The best feature of this shopping is you don’t need to go to buy a product but the product comes to your doorstep itself. Interestingly, you can return the item too if you don’t like it. What else do you need!

Question: My wife is a nursing mom and she wants to add Elephant Speciosa to her diet. Should I allow her to do this?

Answer: Absolutely not. Many health professionals and regular users say that nursing moms and pregnant ladies should not take kratom products in order to avoid any inconvenience in the future. So, please don’t allow your wife to do so.

Question: How Much Should I Consume?

Answer: There is no restriction in this regard. You can choose any amount that suits you the most. But, never try to overdose.

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