Being a marvelous tree leaf, the awareness of kratom is spreading everywhere in the world and kratom advocates are really playing a huge role in this regard. This herb originates from the jungles of Southeast Asia and is extracted from the leaves of a fantastic tree – Mitragyna Speciosa. These leaves are grind to make a smooth powder and it is the most commonly sold form of this amazing herb. Mitragyna comes with a bitter taste and many users find it unpleasant upon ingestion. Isn’t it shocking? Well, if you are one of the people who is a bit reluctant to expose himself to the bitterness of this tree leaf, you do not need to worry as there is another delightful way of taking this plant without exposing yourself to its bitter and unpleasant taste. Yes, you are hearing the right thing and this method does exist. You can start taking Mitragyna capsules to get rid of the earthy smell and a different influence. Capsules help you mask the unwanted odor and taste of this phenomenal herbal product and give a soft touch in return. With much awareness in this domain, users have started making DIY kratom capsules to get the desired influence as per their needs. In fact, preparing capsules is becoming a trend in some regions because it gives you complete freedom to use the strain of your own choice. In addition, you can make them as and when needed without visiting any seller in person or exploring an online platform. It sounds very exciting to make DIY kratom capsules. Isn’t it? Well, before going into the details of how you can prepare Mitragyna capsules sitting at your home, let’s have a deeper look at what you need to make DIY capsules of Speciosa. Green-Maeng-Da123

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Things You’ll Be Needing To Prepare DIY Kratom Capsules

Excited to know about what precisely you need to get started with DIY kratom capsules? Aren’t you? Well, you need only three things to start the process. Let’s have a look at what they are.

Empty Capsules

Purchasing them should be your topmost priority because they are the basic component of the product. They are the ones that actually mask the bitter taste of Mitragyna. Always do some solid research to find a trusted seller to get organic pure vegan or gelatin capsule shells. If you purchase TGA and FDA-approved products, it is even better and safer too, Note: Don’t forget to compare the size of capsules and the filling machine and then, buy the right size for good compatibility.

Desired Mitragyna Strain

It is the best part of making DIY kratom capsules because you are going to make the product you actually need. Note: Try using the potent strain to get amazing and instant influence.

Filling Machine

It plays a major part to provide you with the final version of the product. The commercially available fully autonomous capsule filling machines are quite expensive and many of us can’t afford them. So, a great way is to get semi-automatic machines to get our job done perfectly.

How Does Capsule Filling Machine Operate?

Before going into further details, let’s see how this machine works. It is basically not a proper machine; it is a plastic box instead that comes with a series of holes placed at equal distances from each other to get consistent results. You need to open the capsule to make its upper and lower portion apart. Put the lower part in the machine and fill it with a perfectly calculated amount of Korth powder. Once it gets filled, place the upper part of the capsule shell on it and press softly with the machine to get a final product. A complete step-by-step guide is given below. An amazing benefit of this particular device is you do not need to fill the powder with your hands. It selects a perfect dose and fills them precisely to maintain your daily kratom intake. This machine is user-friendly and needs a very little amount of your time.

Which Capsules You Can Utilize To Proceed?

Normally, when you go to a nearby kratom shop or explore an online store, you will find two types of capsules as listed below.

  • Veggie: Manufacturers use pure plant sources to prepare them and they are in demand these days.
  • Gelatin: They are made from animal protein and are cheaper compared to veggie ones.

Capsule Size

  • “0” size is perfect for the ones who find it difficult to swallow
  • Size “00” provides you with a larger dose and easy swallowing
  • “000” size is prepared only for taking higher amounts of Mitragyna

How Can You Utilize A Capsule Filling Machine?

Well, before you start filling your capsules, you should be well familiar with how to set up this machine to proceed on with no difficulty to make DIY kratom capsules.

Setting Up Your Machine

Take a portion of this machine having empty slots for the capsules to be filled. Now, take the machine’s stand and place the base on it. Start separating manually the upper and lower portions of the capsules you want to fill with the kratom powder. Put the longer halves of the capsules in the base of this machine and shorter halves in its top. Don’t forget to ensure that open portions of the capsules are faced up. Start softly pressing the top and base and make sure that both halves of the capsules are filled and closed perfectly. Tip: Place a bowl or anything else under your filling machine to collect the powder falling from the machine when filling the capsules. It is not necessary but highly recommended.

Easy Steps To Follow

Step 1: Put powdered Speciosa in the base of the filling device. Keep on putting powder until you fill all the capsules with great precision. Step 2: Now, take the stand and place the machine’s base over it. Ensure the alignment using the tamping tool. Don’t forget to ensure that the cylinders are pointing downwards. Step 3: Put kratom powder into every capsule by pressing the tamping tool gently. Note:  Keep on repeating these steps to make DIY kratom capsules until you become satisfied with the outcome.

How Can You Uninstall This Filling Machine?

  • Place its top back over its base and align the slots available on both parts of this machine.
  • Take its base out of the stand and place it on a flat surface.
  • Firmly press the top of the filling machine downwards to manufacture capsules precisely filled with kratom powder. Now, separate both of the pieces.
  • Now, it is time to remove its top from the base and gently press the top from the backside to extract the final version of the DIY kratom capsules.

Done with all the above-mentioned steps carefully? Congratulations! You have made DIY kratom capsules living in your comfort zone. If you have made the kratom capsules in bulk, you can store the extra ones in airtight and sealed containers for long-term purposes. As mentioned earlier, the greatest advantage of making DIY kratom capsules is you can choose the strain of your own choice and make them only when required. Isn’t it really an exciting way to enjoy your kratom journey?

Final Words

Making DIY kratom capsules using a filling machine is real fun. It is a super easy task that provides you a couple of benefits as discussed above. You just need the desired strain, empty capsule shells, and a filling machine to prepare your dose. Gold-Maeng-Da

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