Nowadays, most of the Kratom products in the community leave a lot to be desired. Since the whole market is saturated with such supplements, finding a reliable product could be troublesome. But have you ever heard of Divine Botanicals? This Kratom vendor is gradually gaining popularity and might have missed your eyes up till now. They sell their respectable Kratom botanicals with an active online selling website. The internet store appears to be legitimate and even includes contact information for the vendor. However, among Kratom enthusiasts, the brand is well-known. There is also a long number of good customer reviews for Divine Botanicals’ Kratom products. For the time being, let’s delve a little further to check if their services and products live up to the name.

Who Are Divine Botanicals?

Although Divine Botanicals has an interesting About us webpage, it lacks information about their origin. Judging from a thorough background check, the vendor does have possible affiliations with SB, LLC. Except for their website, there is no address for any botanical store whatsoever. However, the lack of a physical location has no impact on the quality of their Kratom goods. You might say that the brand takes great inspiration from nature, based on their name. As a result, they feel that natural botanicals are the most effective means to treat all kinds of moods.

Product Lineup Of Divine Botanicals

You may buy a wide variety of Kratom supplements from this vendor. The product selection is extensive, including all popular as well as exotic Kratom strains. Most of their well-known variants are in the list down below. • Maeng Da KratomIndo KratomBali KratomBorneo KratomSumatra Kratom • Thai Kratom • Sulawesi Kratom Since there are so many products, everything on the site has an orderly arrangement. It ensures that you don’t spend a lifetime finding your desired supplements. All the different product types are as follows:

Kratom Powders

Divine Botanical has a vast selection of Kratom powders. Fresh Kratom leaves undergo processing to make a silky and smooth powder. Not just that, but it also has all of the required alkaloids in their active forms. The Kratom leaves are hand-picked from trees that ripened under the sun. As a result, the final Kratom powder is entirely organic and has all-natural benefits. These properties make it ideal for rejuvenating and revitalizing yourself.

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Kratom Capsules

The Divine Botanicals capsules are an excellent, risk-free method to consume Kratom. Moreover, their strains’ efficacy drastically increases when utilized in the form of these kratom capsules. Due to these products, you can instantly consume the fresh powder and its energetic alkaloid constituents. People who dislike the harsh taste of powder can readily use these instead.

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Kratom Tablets

People typically consume kratom tablets to relieve stress. It’s a simple way to take your favorite kratom supplement with you wherever you go. They are also quite beneficial for taking a consistent dose each time. This supplier ensures that all types of Kratom strains are available in the form of tablets. Consequently, you can get as many supplement tablets as you like without any worries.

Kratom Extracts

Are you one of the people who consume Kratom regularly and require more potent products? Well, consider yourself in luck because Divine Botanicals also offers many extracts. A Kratom extract is a highly concentrated liquid made from your preferred strains. It consists of a concentration of Kratom’s alkaloid components, which were initially a part of the leaves. Divine Botanicals’ renowned Kratom extract is available in two bottle sizes and is usable as a tincture.

Crushed Kratom Leaves

In addition to all the other products, Divine Botanicals also sells raw and organic Kratom leaves. You may get a bag of crushed leaves of your preferred Kratom strain for a reasonable price. With these, you can make various beverages, including tea, tea bags, flavored jellies, kava smoothies, and shakes.

Product Pricing

The cost of various Kratom items available at Divine Botanicals varies based on the amount and variant you choose. To give you a sense of how the pricing works, you may purchase the following Kratom items within a specific price range. • Kratom capsules and tablets are available at a variety of prices, from $24.99 to $54.99. • Kratom powders range in price from $9.99 to $49.99, with a value-pack option available for $29.99 to $149.99. • The cost of a tincture of Kratom ranges from $19.95 to $112.95. • Depending on the amount, you may purchase crushed Kratom leaves for as little as $9.99 or as much as $59.99. • Value packs with prices ranging from $23.95 to $149.99 are also available.

Product Safety

Divine Botanicals’ products go through a series of rigorous scientific testing before packaging and shipping to consumers. The supplier performs in-house testing to make sure there are no microbial or metal contaminants in their botanicals. Except for that, they also send Kratom samples to several other well-known independent laboratories in the United States. It demonstrates that their products are of top standard, authenticity, and potency. Furthermore, their Kratom product packaging consistently follows GMO guidelines. In terms of an online Kratom dealer, Divine Botanicals satisfies the majority of customer expectations. Before purchasing their Kratom botanicals, check their terms of service as well as their privacy policies. They also provide extensive information about their source and harvesting practices for acquiring the finest Kratom.

Vendor Transparency

Almost every other Kratom supplier out there claims that their products are lab-tested and entirely safe. However, there is no solid proof since many vendors don’t back up their words with legitimate lab reports. However, there is no such thing to worry about with Divine Kratom, which has a complete webpage dedicated to providing reliable laboratory results. To the customer’s delight, it ensures that the supplier’s products are safe for consumption. However, Divine Kratom has no accreditation from the American Kratom Association. Hence, there is no knowing if the brand actively follows GMP rules and regulations while manufacturing products.

Payment Methods

Divine Botanicals allows you to make payments in a variety of ways for the sake of customer convenience. You can use any of the payment methods given below.

Payments In Advance

• Debit or credit cards • E-cheques • Green Bean Pay • Zelle • Pop Money • Cash App • Google Pay • MoneyGram and Western Union • Direct bank transfer

Payment After Receiving The Product

• Cash on delivery

International Payments

• PaySend • Skrill • Transfer Wise


Divine Botanicals uses USPS, FedEx, and UPS delivery methods to bring the Kratom products to your doorstep. You may also monitor and track your orders from their websites. The company offers free delivery on domestic purchases of $50 or more. The shipping rates for orders under $50 are dependent on your region.

Return Policy Of Divine Botanicals

Any product that is in an unused and unopened state is returnable for up to 30 days. However, you will have to take care of the shipping charges yourself. But if the vendor made a mistake, a refund is applicable, and they will also pay the shipping fee themselves.

Coupon Codes And Discounted Deals

For anyone who wants to get their hands on potential coupon codes, subscribing to the vendor’s newsletter is always an option. Every time a coupon is available, the supplier will send out an email for you to avail. Currently, the vendor has a fabulous deal on their Kratom value packs. Upon purchase of three of these packs, you will get one more for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the products on par with the market?

The supplier provides a wide range of products that are considerably popular in the Kratom community. They are especially well-known for their Kratom tincture products.

Are the products safe?

Even though Divine Botanicals don’t have accreditation from the AKA, they still provide laboratory test reports on their website. It means that the products are relatively safe.

Final thoughts

Divine Kratom is a leading online seller that satisfies all consumer requirements for purchasing high-quality, organic, and potent Kratom strains. If you are looking for lab-tested Kratom supplements at reasonable rates, make sure to check out this supplier.

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