When it comes to using kratom, one question is asked frequently – is kratom soluble in water? Well, this is an important question that is not so difficult to answer at the moment. If you are among the users who appreciate taking kratom with water or other liquids like juices, the approach would be to dissolve your kratom in water or any other liquid you want. This guide has, unfortunately, come up with bad news but you don’t need to worry a lot as you will get to know about the good news as well. The bad news is it is practically impossible to dissolve kratom in water and the good news is there are a number of ways to drink kratom in an enjoyable manner. Do you love drinking kratom? Looking for some great methods to adopt? Well, this guide is specially designed to serve your purpose. You will come across multiple methods of kratom drinking to make your overall journey memorable. Let’s read through the details. Green-Dragon

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Can I Dissolve Kratom in Water?

A simple and straightforward answer to this question is NO. You can’t dissolve kratom in the water or any other liquid. It is a hydrophobic herb. Kratom is extracted as a solid plant and even if you crash the dried leaves and make a finely grounded powder, it will still carry the properties of a solid plant. Therefore, no matter whether you take raw kratom or its powdered form, none of them is going to dissolve in the water directly. This is actually bad news for the kratom users or for the ones who are about to start their kratom journey. But the good news is coming up so don’t get disappointed. Just keep on going through the guide to make yourself well aware of these challenges. Keeping in mind the above discussion, if you come across a source claiming of letting you know about the different ways of dissolving kratom in water, it is going to either mislead you or is published mistakenly. So, try to avoid implementing such guidelines blindly.

What Else Can I Do to Drink Kratom?

There exist some valuable tips that are useful for you to temporarily suspend kratom powder in the water. It does not only allow you to suspend kratom with water but also makes your kratom journey pleasant. Note: Please do not forget that suspending your kratom powder in the drink of your choice is something very different compared to that of dissolving kratom in water. The suspension is going to be separated whereas the powdered kratom, depending upon the nature of the drink you choose, will pool together either at the bottom or top of the liquid. Without any doubt, suspending powdered Mitragyna Speciosa is a stunning way to prepare a great beverage. Doing this effectively masks the bitter taste of your kratom and makes the overall experience more pleasant.

Mix Kratom Powder & Your Drink in the Right Proportions

You should consider mixing liquid and the kratom powder in the right proportions your topmost priority otherwise you cannot expect it to perform well at the end of the day. Taking higher amounts of kratom powder will result in supersaturated liquid and will not prepare a consistent mixture at all. On the other hand, if you have taken a very small amount of powdered kratom and have started mixing it with the liquid and realized that kratom is not enough to make a good mixture, you can simply add more kratom to give your mixture a decent boost. Therefore, we can easily say that taking smaller doses of kratom is a better strategy compared to taking its higher doses. Note: Depending on the drink of your choice, the appropriate proportions of the liquid may vary accordingly. When it comes to the use of water, generally, you will be needing the lowest proportions whereas, in the case of juices or other similar drinks, comparatively a higher proportion will be required to get a good mixture prepared.

Try Using a Blender

If you want to get fruitful results at the end, you need to use the right mixing tools to prepare a decent mixture. Let’s have a look at which tools can help you in this regard. As far as the use of a blender is concerned, fitness freaks frequently use this tool to mix different supplements and protein powder. The same is the case with powdered Mitragyna Speciosa. You can use a blender to produce a perfect mixture of kratom and other beverages you want. Its re-blending capability helps you get rid of partially separated portions of kratom. However, you can also follow a very simple yet effective way of mixing kratom with liquid and it is the use of whisky that is easily available in most kitchens around the globe.

Try Mixing Kratom in Warm Liquids

If you take a look at the nature of many powders, they can easily mix in the warm liquids and the same is the case with Mitragyna Speciosa powder. All you need to do is to boil the drink of your own choice and simply start mixing your kratom in it. However, boiling your liquid is not a good approach to make a suspension of kratom rather it is good to go with if you have a plan to make a kratom tea. In case you boil the liquid and mix kratom in it, it will not allow you to drink until the kratom gets separated. Therefore, try your level best to save your precious time and just use the room temperature to prepare a great mixture.

Follow Proper Sequence

The order you follow to add ingredients when preparing your mixture plays a key role in making your kratom journey pleasant. If you add kratom first and liquid after that, it will produce dry kratom clumps and will result in the preparation of an unpleasant beverage. To overcome these challenges, you need to change your strategy. Pour water first and then add kratom powder and start mixing quickly. It will help you get rid of nasty kratom clumps.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have got the answer to the frequently asked question of how to dissolve kratom in water? If you are a fan of drinking kratom, you can make its suspension in the water or any other beverages of your choice. A great way is to mix them at room temperature instead of going towards boiling your liquid. In addition, when preparing a mixture of kratom with any liquid, don’t forget to take both the ingredients in the right proportions. Moreover, pour liquid first and then add powdered kratom to get the maximum out of that. Using a blender or whist is another great approach for preparing a consistent mixture of kratom and liquid. Following these methods will surely help you enjoy the influence of kratom suspended in a liquid of your choice.

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