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Kratom Shots

Prefer your Kratom in liquid form? At Amazing Botanicals, we’ve got you covered. Our Kratom liquid shots are not only delicious, but also prepared in a AKA GMP-certified facility to guarantee both quality and safety. Order and enjoy the highest quality Kratom in the market, all at affordable prices!

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All-Natural Kratom Liquid Shots

Switch to a simpler Kratom experience with our liquid Kratom extracts. These are perfect for those with a full schedule or anyone who needs a quick and effortless way to enjoy Kratom. No prep required! Here’s what sets our Kratom shots apart:

Strong Formula: We use powerful concentrates to provide a strong dose with every shot. They’re made to help you feel better and more at ease, exactly when it matters most.

Fast-Acting: Forget waiting for results. Our shots are meant for immediate action, offering relief when you most require it.

Top Quality: Like the other products in our Kratom store, Amazing Botanicals provides some of the highest-quality Kratom shots available. They are bottled in the USA and are guaranteed to be safe and free from unwanted contaminants.


Our shots are ready when you are. They eliminate the need for weighing Kratom powders or brewing Kratom teas, giving you the benefits quickly and without any hassle. Plus, because they’re made with Kratom extract, they’re much stronger than standard powder.

No! Shots are mostly just liquid Kratom extracts, sometimes with flavoring added post-extraction. Kratom extracts can come in a wide variety of forms, from tablets to powders, shots are another name for the liquid form.

We do not recommend shots (or any form of concentrates) for beginners. As they’re a highly concentrated form of Kratom, these shots are meant for experienced users who know their tolerance. We recommend sticking to powders and capsules if you are new to the world of Kratom and are still learning the dosages that work for you.

If you are an experienced Kratom user, but you’re trying a shot for the first time, the rule for concentrates is simple: you can always take more, but you can never take less. We recommend trying a small dose first. After you see how your body feels with the full effects, you can take more if needed.

Kratom is a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia, known scientifically as Mitragyna speciosa. Its leaves are processed in a variety of forms, resulting in a wide array of Kratom shots, powder, capsules, and extracts. 

Traditionally, in its native regions, the leaves have been used in cultural practices and rituals. Today, Kratom has a growing presence globally, with a community of users who utilize its unique properties to complement their lifestyle.

However, it’s important to note that the legal status of Kratom varies by country and state, with ongoing debates about its classification and usage. Please review your local laws and regulations regarding Kratom before ordering.

White-vein Kratom, harvested when the tree is young, has stimulant-like properties. Red-vein Kratom, which can have soothing and relaxing effects, is harvested when the tree is fully mature. Green-vein Kratom leaves are harvested from trees that are in the middle of their life cycle, and they boast a middle-ground between the leaves from old and young trees.

Try Kratom Capsules: No Prep and Easy Dosing

One of the benefits of our Kratom liquid shots is that there is no preparation required. It’s ready for you wherever and whenever you want it.

However, Kratom shots aren’t the only simple, zero-prep solution for users. Our Kratom capsules make dosing and using as easy as possible. No measuring needed; just open your bottle and take a pill! It’s made with the same high-quality Kratom we use for the rest of our selection of Kratom products. When you buy Kratom from Amazing Botanicals, you’re always buying the best.

Elevate Your Lifestyle With Amazing Botanicals

At Amazing Botanicals, we’re proud to be the go-to source for safe, high-quality Kratom products like our Kratom shots. From building close relationships with the harvesters we source Kratom from to packaging it in our AKA GMP-certified facilities, we’re overseeing your Kratom from growth to delivery.

We don’t stop with just offering high-quality Kratom. We also include free shipping with every order. If you’re not satisfied with your Kratom, no worries: your order comes with 30-day returns, too!

With Amazing Botanicals, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Place your order today and reach out to us if you have any questions!