Cambodian Kratom is fairly a new variant of Mitragyna Speciosa and many people are planning to consume it as soon as they get one. Overall, if we talk about Kratom, it is very much diverse in nature that comes in hundreds of different varieties each carrying different characteristics.

Exploring the variation in the properties of different Kratom variants, the growers and manufacturers have categorized these tree leaves based on their origins and colors. This division has made it very easy for the customers to find the right strain keeping in mind their requirements.

The different vein colors include white, red, green, yellow, and black. Whereas, some of the region-based names are Malay, Borneo, Bali, Indo, Thai, Vietnam, and many more.

The Mitragyna industry is the center of attention for many experienced users as well as newcomers because of adding a new member every now and then. As soon as a new variant jumps into the market, thousands of consumers start finding it to give it an instant try. The same is the case with Cambodian Kratom.

Before you try a new strain, you can gather some important stuff associated with its properties, influence, and other similar parameters. This guide is going to familiarize you with every important aspect of Cambodian Speciosa. Let’s do a quick recap.

What Actually Is Cambodian Kratom?

Well, it is a novel version of Mitragyna Speciosa that doesn’t come in a single variety, instead, it is available in different types and we will discuss them later in this article. Usually, kratom strains are named after their colors and origins but the scenario of Cambodian Mitragyna is a bit different from others. Let’s have a look at where it originates from.

Where Does It Come From?

It doesn’t grow naturally; rather it is prepared with a mixture of two different strains of Korth. Every type of this particular strain is made up of different combinations to prepare the end product as discussed in detail below.

What Types Cambodian Kratom Is Available In?

This strain comes in 4 different varieties including red, green, white, and yellow veins. Let’s discuss them one by one separately.

Red Cambodian

It is considered the most potent variant of this family. The manufacturers prepare it with a mixture of Red Malay and Red Borneo. It is rich in all-important Kratom alkaloids making it a popular product among the potential users of Mitragyna.

This herb helps you get an amazing influence that is incomparable to all other red variants of Speciosa. If you appreciate taking red veins, you will surely enjoy Red Cambodian.

Green Cambodian

As far as its preparation is concerned, Green Borneo and Green Malay are mixed together to make the final product. A well-prepared mixture of these strains produces a super strain and many users always appreciate taking it.

It also contains higher concentrations of important alkaloids including but not limited to mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine. If you are in love with green vein Kratom, you would definitely put Green Cambodian on top of all.

White Cambodian

This particular variant of the Cambodian family is a result of preparing a consistent mixture of White Malay and White Borneo. It does not have the same subtlety as certain white variants. It provides you with powerful influence and is considered one of the most influential members of the white vein family.

Yellow Cambodian

Yellow veins are the rarest ones in today’s market. It is pretty close to the golden veins. It is usually prepared with the mixture of white and green colors of Kratom. A unique fermentation and drying process makes Yellow Cambodian different from others. Among all yellow veins, Yellow Cambodian has a special place.

What Should I Consider While Purchasing Cambodian Kratom?

Nowadays, buying the right strain for different purposes has really become a challenging job. Especially, if you are a new user or want to purchase a new strain that you have never tried before, finding the right product will not be a cup of tea for you.

Initially, the buyers get confused about whether to purchase from online sellers or benefit from the physical smoke shops. Everyone has different opinions but let’s have a fair look at the features of both these platforms.

Physical Shops

An interesting factor people love about the physical smoke shops is; they can take a product in hand to check what precisely they are going to purchase. Moreover, you can explore different items and buy them while walking in the store that you haven’t even planned before.

You may get some discounts on shopping. But, the major problem is; these smoke shops, gas filling stations, bars, and other Kratom stores don’t give you any sort of guarantee about the authenticity, purity, and freshness of their products making your shopping a bit risky.

Apart from that, you have to follow the shop timings that become difficult for most of the working individuals. For many people, this is a drawback of buying from a physical store.

Online Stores

The best part of shopping from an online store is; they usually carry a wide range of products sourced directly from the native growers. No middle man gets involved between the buyer and the seller ensuring higher levels of purity and freshness. Moreover, you can explore anything sitting from the comfort of your home at any time you want.

Other amazing features associated with online vendors are free shipping and exclusive discounts. You can ask the vendor to ship your items to your doorstep without even paying an extra amount. Similarly, weekend sales, yearly discounts, and other exclusive offers result in saving a lot of your amount.

Most importantly, you can return or exchange your items if you don’t like them for any reason. You can interact with the previous buyers of a specific seller to get information about its actual reputation. You can also go through the customers’ reviews to evaluate whether or not a particular vendor is worthy enough to buy from.

Offline Or Online? – What To Choose?

Well, online sellers have a better reputation in terms of product authenticity and other supportive services. However, you can decide on any of them keeping in mind your own interests.

Other Important Things To Consider

There are some other parameters you must keep in mind while purchasing your favorite Kratom variants. They include a certificate of analysis, lab test reports, shipping and return policy, payment methods, customer support services, and buyers’ feedback of course. All these factors will help you select an amazing product to enjoy the whole journey.

Is There Any Strain Comparable To Cambodian Kratom?

According to many frequent Kratom users, Cambodian Kratom, most of the time, gives an influence similar to Green Indo Speciosa. Apart from that, you can also compare it with the ingredients being used to prepare Cambodian Kratom – Malay and Borneo.

In fact, Cambodian Mitragyna produces a different kind of special influence that is incomparable to any other Kratom strain in the marketing making it more unique.

Closing Remarks

Cambodian Kratom is a novel Mitragyna variant that doesn’t grow naturally. It is prepared using a mixture of two different strains – Malay and Borneo. It comes in four different colors including yellow, red, green, and white. A yellow vein is the rarest of all. You can find the premium quality of this strain from online vendors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the most popular form of Cambodian Speciosa?

Answer: Just like many other strains, the Cambodian variant is largely sold in powdered form.

Question: What if I don’t like the bitterness produced by the Cambodian variant?

Answer: You can try taking its kratom capsules to overcome this challenge. The naturally prepared capsule shells help you reduce the overall sharpness of Kratom and enjoy its soft influence.

Question: Green, red, yellow, or white. Which one is more popular?

Answer: Red Cambodia wins the race when it comes to popularity.

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