Kratom in Montgomery has become a heated topic of discussion in the last few years. The online forums are full of hot debates and people are actively participating to share their experiences and opinions. With its exceptionally potent nature, Kratom has become a center of attention not only for the local but also for the international society. It comes from Southeast Asian countries and is being exported to several parts of the world.

Montgomery is one of the most decent cities located in the arms of a well-known state of the United States – Alabama (commonly termed AL). It is home to different historic places and hosts worth-attending events including but not limited to “Alabama Shakespeare Theater” and “Alabama War Memorial”.

In addition, antique museums and the natural beauty of the city are a source of attraction for not only US citizens but also attract thousands of overseas tourists every year.

Many individuals who plan to travel often ask about the legal status of Kratom in Montgomery. They get concerned about whether or not they can purchase this magical herb once they reach there. Do you have the same concern? Looking for a potential source to get credible information in this regard? This is the guide you must go through.

Is It Legal To Buy & Consume Kratom In Montgomery, Alabama?

As far as the legal status of Kratom in the US is concerned, the federal government has always been pretty lenient towards this matter. Almost all the states have allowed its community to consume this plant material according to their needs.

However, 6 states have decided not to go with the federal laws when it comes to Speciosa consumption. They consider Kratom an unsafe substance; therefore, they have completely criminalized it.

The question that arises here is: is Alabama one of those states where no one can ingest Kratom products? Well, it is very hard to say that the answer to this question is YES. Alabama, according to Mitragyna lovers, is one of the unfortunate states where you can’t sell, buy, possess, or transport this plant material.

Being an important city in Alabama, Montgomery also doesn’t allow you to consume Mitragyna as long as you are within the premises of the city. It is indeed heart-breaking news for Kratom supporters and advocates.

When Was Kratom Banned In Montgomery?

The DEA made an attempt in 2016 to outlaw Kratom from the United States but it couldn’t succeed like many other attempts made in the past. But, this was not the case with the great state of Alabama.

In the same year – 2016 – the state’s Senate decided to ban the two major alkaloids present in Speciosa – mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine. The laws were implemented throughout the state including Montgomery. With this criminalization, Alabama is listed among the 6 states with a complete Kratom ban.

The bill said that Speciosa alkaloids carry properties similar to what synthetic substances have. It is, without a doubt, a wrong argument because no medical evidence is there to support it. The basic reason why this tree leaf was added to the list of controlled substances was very limited research and almost zero clinical trials performed on human beings.

A petition was signed in 2016 to convince the law-making agencies to vote against this Kratom criminalization. It was not a successful attempt. Another petition was introduced with the same intention in 2017. It didn’t succeed either.

Can I Buy Kratom In Montgomery, AL?

The possible ways to buy Kratom in the United States are either to go to a nearby smoke shop or order this herb from an online seller. As discussed earlier, Kratom is completely banned in Montgomery and the whole of Alabama.

Therefore, the local sellers e.g., CBD stores, smoke shops, head shops, and gas filling stations don’t offer this botanical.

On the other hand, you can’t buy this herb from online brands as well. The reason behind this fact is that online sellers don’t ship their products to the areas where Speciosa is declared illegal.

The Mitragyna lovers are still hopeful and they are praying for Speciosa to become legal once again in the near future. For now, you need to keep yourself away from its consumption to avoid any sort of legal issues.

What Is The Punishment For Taking Kratom In Montgomery, Alabama?

The primary alkaloids of Mitragyna Speciosa are considered Schedule-I controlled substances in Montgomery; therefore, consuming this plant material is not a risk-free activity. Both personal use of Kratom and using it for research purposes are completely banned in the city.

If someone is taking it for personal use, it is considered a Class C crime that includes a penalty of up to a $15,000 fine and 1 to 10 years’ imprisonment. If anyone gets convicted repeatedly, the punishment will be even more severe i.e., up to a $30,000 fine and an imprisonment of 2 to 10 years. The people who are still trying to sell Kratom in Montgomery are exposing themselves to even stiffer punishments.

Important Note: These punishments are not only for the local citizens. If you are traveling to or from Montgomery, these charges will also be applicable to you.

An unfortunate incident has already happened to a 24-year-old guy. He bought Kratom stock from Louisiana with an intention of transporting it to the state of Florida. While passing through Alabama, he was arrested immediately because Kratom is an illegal botanical here in this state. Actually, that guy wasn’t familiar with the state laws.

Therefore, to keep yourself away from these unwanted circumstances, it is better not to ingest Kratom in Montgomery until it gets legalized.

The Role Of AKA To Overturn This Criminalization

The American Kratom Association is an official American body established with a mission of not only keeping Speciosa legal but also wants to regulate the whole Kratom industry. Though Korth is banned in Montgomery today, it may become legal somewhere in the near future.

To support this plant material, the AKA has introduced the Kratom Consumer Protection Act to regulate the local industry. Five different states have already accepted this act and Oregon would be the next to accept it officially.

If KCPA gets implemented in Montgomery, it will add extra value to the credibility of the local market and buyers will be able to make safe purchases because it bounds vendors not to sell contaminated or outdated strains.

What Does The Future Hold?

As of now, saying anything about the future of Kratom in Montgomery would be an early statement. The AKA is going the extra mile to make this herb legal in the future. It is also accepting donations from Kratom advocates to support this cause.

You can also offer individual support to keep this tree leaf alive in the city. If you get connected to like-minded people to offer collective support, it would be even better. So, without worrying about what the future holds, just keep offering your support silently.

Give It A Go

Are you a crazy fan of Mitragyna Speciosa? Can’t live without taking it? Worried about if it is legal to buy Kratom in Montgomery or not? Well, unfortunately, Kratom is no longer a legal herb in this city and the whole of Alabama.

If you are on the hunt for a credible resource to get potential guidance on this matter, just grab a few minutes, and read through the above discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the alternate way to consume Speciosa if I live in Montgomery, Alabama?

Well, the only way to ingest this herbal supplement is to move to another state and then buy your favorite Kratom strains to enjoy the real influence. If you don’t want to escape out of Montgomery, there is no other way to take this plant material.

What if a seller claims to deliver my parcel to this city?

It would be a scam for sure because no online seller delivers its items to the cities or states where Mitragyna is not legal.

Can I fly with Kratom in Montgomery, AL?

No, not at all. Everything associated with this herb is completely banned in this city. Therefore, don’t put yourself in trouble by doing any such activity.

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