Cheap Kratom is a combination of words attracting Speciosa enthusiasts from many regions across the globe. Nowadays, due to its eye-catchiness, it has become one of the frequently searched words in the herbal domain.

The experienced users, without a doubt, are exploring this aspect of the industry but, the newbies are getting more attracted to it.

Though Kratom has recently been introduced to many parts of the world, it has been serving humanity for more than thousands of years. The natural growth of this plant happens in Southeast Asia and the native community has been benefiting from this magical tree leaf for hundreds of years.

In the span of the last 10 years, the Speciosa industry has skyrocketed. Be it the United States or many other countries, the number of Kratom consumers has increased dramatically.

This drastic change in the consumption of Kratom strains has convinced growers, manufacturers, and sellers to equip the market with an electrifying range of Korth products.

Hundreds of different Kratom strains (Indo, Bali, Malay, Thai, etc.) and blends (Maeng Da) are introduced to meet the current demands of the whole industry.

You may be familiar with a couple of its types but many of them are yet unknown to us. From different colors to different origins, the market is flooded with a huge collection of Mitragyna goods.

Many vendors claim to be among the ones that sell the cheapest Kratom. But, the question arising from this point is: what precisely is the cheap Kratom? Is this something you want to explore? Congratulations! You’ve come to the source you are actually looking for.

This guide presents a healthy debate on cheap Kratom, is it good to consume, where to get it, and what factors play their part to vary Speciosa prices in the market. Without much ado, let’s get the discussion started.

Cheap Kratom: Let’s Understand What Really Is It?

Usually, Speciosa is considered an expensive herb. If you need small doses of this plant material for personal usage and you order it all the way from Southeast Asian countries, it would definitely cost you a lot.

In addition, most of the time, middlemen get involved between the buyer and the native seller. It adds more cost to the final budget resulting in paying higher for your order.

If this is the scenario, why do people talk about cheap Kratom? What exactly is it?

Well, the online sellers are operating in the global digital market where millions of users always look out for buying legit Kratom strains. To meet the huge demands of the Mitragyna enthusiasts, these online vendors order tons of Kratom from Southeast Asian farms.

Importing directly from the native lands ensures that the product is pure, fresh, and safe to consume. Moreover, bulk purchases are always made at extremely low prices compared to what retailers sell. This is exactly what the real concept of cheap Kratom powder or capsules is.

Many people think that the word “cheapest or cheap Kratom” means poor quality, outdated, contaminated, and impure strains. But, this is not the only case.

No doubt, it happens when a vendor only wants to generate profits and doesn’t care about the customers’ health. But, most of the time, it is associated with bulk Kratom purchases.

Let’s try to understand the major reasons why Mitragyna comes with varied prices.

What Creates The Variation In Kratom Prices?

As you know, the federal government has not yet regulated the Speciosa industry; therefore, no specific set of rules is being followed. It clearly shows that the products sold at different places can be different in price. Well, the factors affecting the price of this tree leaf are listed and elaborated on below.

1. Production Process

The cost of the end product depends on different parameters including but not limited to farming techniques, harvesting approaches, and production practices.

Any agricultural business that consumes more time and needs more workforce produces a costly product in the end. The same is the case with the Kratom business.

For instance, red-veined Speciosa requires more time to preserve all-important alkaloids compared to its green alternative. Therefore, when it comes to pricing, a green vein is a cheap Kratom compared to a red vein Kratom.

2. Product Quality

When we talk about the Mitragyna quality, it means the level of freshness, purity, and potency. There are a number of factors that contribute to preserving important alkaloids and affect the overall cost. They include:

  • Growing Methods: The Mitragyna tree requires a special environment and sunlight to produce an ideal product in the end.
  • Use of Herbicides and Pesticides: They are known for producing larger yields and can affect both product safety and quality.
  • Harvesting Techniques: These practices are directly linked to controlling the overall quality of Kratom strains. Hence, the price also gets varied.
  • Plant Age: When buying Kratom, don’t forget to ensure that you are getting fresh and pure strains. Some merchants are involved in selling old stock. So, be aware of them all.
  • Storage Techniques: Keeping your cheap Kratom jars away from the direct sunlight and warm temperatures will increase their shelf-life and you will be able to use this herb in the long run.

3. Vendor’s Credibility

The credibility of a specific Mitragyna seller is directly linked to the price of this plant. The vendors with a high reputation are usually more expensive compared to the ones operating in a limited domain. Therefore, they don’t normally sell cheap Kratom.

In other words, you can say that the well-established sellers charge high in comparison to the ones who have started their businesses a few years back.

The certificate of the American Kratom Association is a great tool to determine the reputation of a merchant. The well-known brands are certified by the AKA and always carry lab-tested strains.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A couple of businesses have been reported selling cheap Kratom with poor quality and contaminants. This is an unfortunate situation for the whole Kratom industry. Isn’t it? It is of course.

These sellers are only there to make money. They don’t care about your health. So, make sure that you don’t buy cheap Kratom from them.

4. Shipping Cost

If you are buying cheap Kratom from head shops, you don’t need to pay any shipping costs. It only applies when making an online purchase.

The distance between your and the vendor’s location determines how much amount you will have to pay for the product to reach your doorstep.

The cost of shipping varies from one brand to another. Some sellers charge a flat amount whereas others calculate the distance to find the shipping cost.

For instance, if you have placed an order worth $100 and the vendor is charging $10 as a shipping cost, you will have to pay $110 in total which means the cost has been increased. This is how shipping policies affect the price of Speciosa products.

How Is Cheap Kratom Categorized?

Well, the affordable or cheapest Kratom is categorized based on different parameters as listed below. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Cheap Kratom By Seller

The sellers don’t keep the prices the same for many years instead they keep on changing them. On the other hand, new vendors are being introduced to the market every other day. So, it is not a cup of tea to determine which vendor sells cheap Kratom.

Don’t buy any strain just because it is cheap. Always consider the product quality on top. Many newbies get attracted to lower prices and get an impure product in the end.

Many Kratom head shops and even online vendors sell cheap Kratom at the cost of quality. In case you are consuming a contaminated strain, it could lead to several complications. Some of them even source different plants and sell them as Kratom.

But, it doesn’t mean that no one sells premium-quality Mitragyna products at low, cheap, or competitive prices. There exist a number of reputed merchants that often offer discounted deals and exclusive discounts on bulk purchases.

All you need to do to find such vendors is to do your research, compare different merchants, and locate the best one out of them.

Cheap Kratom By Forms

Well, the different forms of Speciosa goods based on their prices are listed below.

  • Powder: It needs very less processing to form the end product; therefore, you don’t have to pay a higher amount to buy them. It is one of the cheap Kratom forms.
  • Capsules: They are used to mask the bitter influence of this herb. Due to some extra steps involved in their preparation and the presence of capsule shells increase the overall cost.
  • Extracts: The extraction of Kratom alkaloids requires a unique approach to get the maximum out of this plant material. They are even more costly compared to powder and capsules.
  • Tinctures: When it comes to price per dose, both extracts and tinctures cost you the same. But, tinctures are stronger in comparison to extracts. You can get an extremely potent experience by taking smaller doses of Mitragyna tinctures. They are not considered among cheap Kratom forms.

Cheap Kratom By Strains

When it comes to exploring the range of cheapest Kratom, the different strains are available at different pricing. The ones with excessive production are usually sold at affordable or low prices. Whereas, the strains that are unique and are rarely produced will cost you high.

  • Thai: Thailand produces an abundance of this herb and makes Kratom cheap for the natives to buy. Though Speciosa is not a legal plant in this country, thousands of farmers frequently harvest it.
  • Indo: It is a super strain and millions of users appreciate taking it. Though it is being sold at low prices, it has much to offer. It is considered among the strains of the cheapest Kratom that attract buyers from across the globe.
  • Bali: Being one of the most reputed variants of cheap Kratom, buyers get amazed to experience its properties.

These 3 are the cheap Kratom strains compared to all other Mitragyna variants.

Should I Buy Cheap Kratom? Is It A Good Idea?

Well, buying cheap Kratom is a good idea but you need to be very careful when making your purchases. Many Kratom vendors advertise their inventory at cheaper prices but they don’t guarantee the product quality.

To get uncontaminated, fresh, and safe Speciosa strains, you need to go the extra mile searching for a reliable seller to purchase from. Let’s take a look at some important parameters that can help you make a worthy purchase.

Get Familiar With The Basics Of Kratom

It is not a good idea to straightaway jump into the Kratom market and purchase different items. The better approach is to get familiar with the basics of this plant including; where it comes from, what it offers, and how it can help you get the outcomes you are looking for.

You must be familiar with the important alkaloids and their influence. The concentration of these alkaloids is a must consider before buying any strain.

Similarly, you must know that buying cheap Kratom doesn’t mean that you are getting a low-quality product having fillers or contaminants in them.

Understand The Red Flags

Doesn’t matter if you are making a purchase from Kratom head shops or an online vendor, you should be aware of the scams happening in the saturated industry. If you are going to buy your favorite Speciosa variants, don’t forget to consider the below-mentioned points.

Mitragyna Source

Regardless of the nature or location of the vendors, the source of Speciosa must be Southeast Asia. If a vendor is claiming to sell authentic stuff but doesn’t want to disclose the source, it is better not to purchase from this kind of business. There would definitely be something wrong.

Product Freshness

The product you have chosen to buy should be fresh enough to get the maximum out of it. If you have found that the stock at a specific selling facility is older than 5 months, don’t buy it. Because Mitragyna can protect its freshness till 3 to 4 months and no longer than that.

It is a fact that you can increase the shelf-life of Kratom up to 1 year by storing it in a cool place away from direct sunlight. But, the merchant must be selling the fresh stuff, not the old one. So, always consider this factor to make your Korth journey enjoyable.

Kratom Consistency

All reputed Mitragyna manufacturers and sellers keep a close eye on the product consistency. Therefore, if you doubt it or found that a seller is providing you with an inconsistent strain, don’t make a purchase to stay away from any complications.

A number of sellers are only out to make more money and sell their strains as the cheapest Kratom. So, buying such items would be unsafe and risky at the same time.

Potency Level

Potency is directly linked to the concentration of alkaloids present in Speciosa. The higher concentration leads to more potent goods and vice versa.

If you are in touch with the brand selling less potent products, they will be adding some external substances to it to increase the overall weight of the product.

You can’t get an idea about the Kratom potency just by having a look at it. For this, you need to give this herb a try to determine the level of potency it has.

Community Support

Doesn’t matter how big or small a Speciosa vendor is, it must be on the same page with Korth enthusiasts and users to keep this plant material legal in the future.

As you know, Mitragyna has become a controversial herbal supplement and many global authorities are looking forward to adding it to the family of controlled substances. If it happens, the Korth will lose its reputation.

Therefore, we all must play our part to support this herb and to make its future secure. The American Kratom Association is doing serious wonders in this domain. We are in need of more such supportive steps from the official bodies.

Save Money Without Affecting Kratom Quality

If cutting down the cost of Kratom goods is your aim, never compromise on the quality. Do some research and find the reputed brands ruling the whole industry.

Well-known merchants always have some special deals to facilitate their customer community. There are many businesses that offer unbelievable discounted deals on every bulk purchase. When you buy bulk Kratom, the cost of transportation gets reduced to a great extent.

Now, the question coming to your mind would be where to buy Kratom? Online or offline? Is this what you are thinking about? Don’t be concerned. Let’s find the answer to this query.

Local Kratom Head Shops

The head shops are comfortable places for those who want to make instant purchases because they can’t wait for multiple hours or days.

If you are the kind of person who prefers to pay and get the product immediately, local shops are the places you are going to love making purchases.

Are you aware of the fact that many local sellers don’t guarantee the freshness and purity of the goods they sell? Yes, this has been reported by thousands of users and advocates as well.

So, when a local seller claims to provide you with the cheapest Kratom, you must check each and every aspect of the product to ensure its worthiness.

If you are unable to evaluate the credibility of a strain you are about to buy, just stop and don’t purchase it because it could lead to several complications in the end.

Online Sellers

Compared to the Kratom head shops, online sellers are considered far better in terms of Mitragyna quality, potency, freshness, consistency, and purity.

The online brands operate in the digital world of millions of Speciosa lovers; therefore, they go the extra mile to follow the highest possible standards.

All reputed online sellers follow AKA GMP standards to ensure that every single customer is getting the right stuff at the right time.

They source Korth stocks from Southeast Asian farms and don’t let the middlemen come in between to get the highest quality strains. This is why the rate of customer retention is higher at online vendors compared to the local shops.

The merchants operating in the online domain never sell impure stuff but they waste tons of Kratom if it doesn’t pass the strict quality test performed by independent 3rd party laboratories.

Even after such strict policies to make your purchases trustworthy, if you have purchased something and feel that it is not up to the mark or what you were precisely looking for, you can either exchange that with another item or claim a full refund.

This is how online Kratom vendors make your shopping fun and free from any sort of risks associated with losing your money.

Doesn’t matter if you are purchasing bulk Kratom for your retail business or smaller doses for personal usage, your amount remains secure and you can return your items within 30 days at any time you want.

Best Online Vendors To Buy Cheap Kratom

Now, you are well aware of the fact that thousands of buyers consider online Kratom vendors a better place to buy the cheapest Kratom in comparison to head shops.

But, the major concern would be how to locate the best online Kratom vendors. The newbies often struggle when it comes to shortlisting the trusted Speciosa partner.

The good news is; we have shortlisted the top two online vendors based on the products and customer satisfaction at the same time. Let’s get into the details of what makes them stand out among competitors.

1) Golden Monk

It is a leading Kratom online brand serving the industry for many years. If you are on the hunt for purchasing the most potent strain e.g., Maeng Da, or looking to buy premium-quality Mitragyna capsules, Golden Monk is the online shop you must buy from.

It offers several discounts to help customers purchase quality strains at extremely competitive prices. When it comes to buying cheap Kratom capsules, Golden Monk is considered among the few businesses that offer exclusive deals.

The cost of purchasing 1000 counts of Kratom capsules is only $135.99. Whereas, 1kg of Maeng Da will cost you only $89.99. I mean what else do you need?

Apart from the opportunity to get the cheap Kratom, you get free shipping, different payment options, easy returns, and a money-back guarantee.

All these factors have proved to be helpful in listing Golden Monk among the best online Kratom sellers. It is one of the few brands that have maintained the highest possible industry standards and is working to protect the future of Speciosa.

2) Amazing Botanicals

The basic reason why Amazing Botanicals is considered among the few credible online Kratom vendors is; the highest rate of customer retention. As of now, the customer community associated with this brand consists of over 3,000 satisfied individuals.

Doesn’t matter if you are a consumer or a distributor and are in need of bulk Kratom, being a top Speciosa supplier, Amazing Botanicals will always lend a helping hand. From extracts to powders, and capsules, every form of Mitragyna remains available throughout the year.

Every item you choose at Amazing Botanicals will be 100% pure and wild-harvested. So, don’t be concerned about the product quality.

The prices would be highly affordable. All you need to do to get registered into their wholesale program is to fill out the inquiry form available on their official website.

3) Super Natural Botanicals

This brand is known for providing customers with an amazing overall experience. The quality is superb, the prices are low, and the deals are simply awesome at Super Natural Botanicals to get your cheap Kratom.

There are many buyers who use the term “cheap Kratom” for reasonably-priced Kratom variants. However, they both are pretty different from each other.

From Kratom tablets to capsules, powders to variety packs, and extracts to Delta 8 THC, you can purchase anything you want at decent prices. Everything available at Super Natural Botanicals is tested carefully for freshness, alkaloids concentration, purity, and consistency.

The overall cost of the product is calculated keeping in mind the costs of transportation, processing, and packaging.

So, if you find any brand selling its products at very low prices, there should be something fishy behind it. Either the quality will be poor or the products would be contaminated.

Do you know? Most of the time, the options for purchasing the cheapest Kratom result in getting outdated, less potent, and ineffective strains in the end. It is better to keep yourself away from such schemes.


Are you on the hunt for exploring the reality behind cheap Kratom? Getting confused about whether or not you should consume it? Looking for a trusted information source to make these things crystal clear for you? Don’t miss reading through the above discussion.

This article has presented an in-depth guide on what cheap Kratom is, where to buy it, and what it can do for you. The top places to buy this version of Speciosa are also presented above to make your purchases comfortable and reliable at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What makes it difficult to find a reliable partner to purchase pure Speciosa strains?

Answer: Many sellers are targeting newbies to provide them with old strains having less potency and a number of fillers or contaminants. These kinds of scams are responsible for making your purchase complicated. To avoid becoming a victim of these challenges, you need to have a basic understanding of Mitragyna and its behavior with the human body.

Question: How does the cost vary between online and Kratom head shops?

Answer: Well, the online merchants import Speciosa in bulk from native growers. No middleman gets involved in the purchase helping them get safe and cheap Kratom at the same time. As far as head shops are concerned, they purchase their stocks from different online vendors; therefore, they are a bit costly.

Question: Why do online shops often offer discounted coupons?

Answer: They don’t want to keep their stock for several months to protect the potency, consistency, and freshness of Speciosa. This is why they usually offer discounts to finish the stock as early as possible and import the new one. This is the reason you always get the freshest form of Kratom from online vendors.

Question: Can I buy bulk Kratom online if this herb is illegal in my state?

Answer: Not, not at all. You can’t make a purchase if Speciosa is a controlled substance in your region. If an online vendor is claiming to deliver your products, it will be a scam for sure because no seller is allowed to deliver Kratom strains to places where it is not a legal herb.

Question: Do Kratom head shops offer returns or refunds?

Answer: Not all the shops follow this policy but many of them do so. If you are looking for a vendor offering returns or a money-back guarantee, it is a must to ask them before you pay for your order. It will help you make a good purchase decision and you will be able to claim a 100% refund if you don’t like the product you have purchased.

Question: What if Speciosa is an illegal herb in my city? How can I consume it?

Answer: The only way to enjoy the influence of this plant material is to move to another state or city where there is no restriction on ingesting this plant. Apart from that, there is no way forward to consuming it if you can’t move from your place to another one.

Question: Will the Kratom purchases be easier in the future?

Answer: As of now, no one can present a solid answer to this particular query. This industry needs a lot of research to understand the properties of Speciosa and how it behaves with the consumers’ bodies. The research can open the doors to hidden realities. If the research studies prove that there is no problem in consuming Mitragyna goods and they are beneficial for human beings, the future will be bright for sure and the purchases would definitely be easier.

Question: I’m a busy individual and don’t have much time to visit any shop to buy Speciosa products. What should I do?

Answer: If you are working on a tight schedule and can’t grab the time to personally visit nearby Kratom head shops, try buying from online brands. They will surely make your shopping convenient by delivering your parcel to your doorstep with free shipping. In addition, the facility to exchange or return products that you don’t like adds extra colors to your purchasing experience.

Question: Where did the concept of cheap Kratom originate?

Answer: Well, so far, the online vendors have got the honor of selling Speciosa at lower prices compared to the Kratom head shops or other local shops. Nowadays, a number of local merchants have also started claiming to sell cheap Kratom but they are not trusted enough to grab the attention of most users.

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