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How to Make Sure You Are Purchasing Authentic Kratom Products?

Kratom is a well-known natural herb that is extracted from the famous tree – Mitragyna Speciosa. It naturally grows in Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, and other Southeast Asian regions. The leaves of this particular tree are very popular and they are used to make kratom. They contain many alkaloids out of which two (mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine) play a major role in providing kratom with amazing properties. The concentration of these alkaloids controls the level of potency associated with kratom. More alkaloids mean highly potent strains. With the increasing demand for Mitragyna Speciosa, an exponential increase has been observed in the number of kratom users as well as sellers. People who have some investment are more interested to get involved in this business. At the same time, users from across the globe have also started taking interest in using this herb. To meet the market needs, vendors have introduced multiple kratom products including powder, extracts, tablets, capsules, tinctures, and many others. You can also add it to your food items (oatmeal, honey, yoghurt, etc.) and beverages at the same time. Making a kratom smoothie is another great way of ingesting Mitragyna Speciosa. With the increasing demand for this herb, the chances of becoming a victim of scams have also been increased. The first-timers are at more risk. Do you want to start your kratom journey? Concerned about getting pure, fresh, and authentic kratom products? Don’t know how to ensure whether you are getting the right kratom? There is nothing to worry about. This guide is designed to let you know how to make sure you are purchasing authentic kratom products. Just keep on reading to make things crystal clear for you. Red-Dragon

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What are the Challenges in Finding Authentic Kratom Products?

If you are a regular kratom user, getting authentic kratom products may be easy for you. But, if you are a first-timer and just want to give this herb a try, you are definitely going to face a lot of difficulties when buying kratom goods. The reason is you will not be aware of its taste, freshness, and potency levels. Therefore, any smoke shop or an online seller can provide you with fake items. Most of the time, local head shops don’t offer free samples and you have to buy their products if you want to taste them. In case the product is not good and fresh, your amount will get wasted. In addition, many vendors add impurities in kratom batches just to increase their weight and to generate more profits. They don’t care about your health. So, if you are a newbie, you must be very careful when making your kratom purchase.

What to Consider When Buying Authentic Kratom Products?

There are certain factors that can help you identify authentic kratom products. You must consider them whenever you have to buy such items. Let’s have a closer look at what precisely these factors are.

Vendor’s Reputation

The reputation of a particular vendor plays a key role in identifying the authenticity of the kratom products. It is not that easy to make and maintain a good impression on potential buyers. It takes a lot of time and effort in parallel. The vendors who are just emerging have to go the extra mile to increase their credibility in the market. It becomes very difficult for them to compete with their competitors or with those who are already ruling the kratom market. Whenever you plan to buy authentic kratom products, don’t forget to verify the vendor’s reputation. You can simply check it by asking the old customers about their overall experience of getting products from a particular vendor.


This is the most important and critical factor that you must keep in mind when purchasing authentic kratom products. Any product can never be considered authentic and safe to consume unless and until a reputed and trustworthy third-party laboratory verifies it. Most of the time, when you go to the nearby kratom stores, gas filling stations, or smoke shops to buy kratom, they will not be able to provide you with a certificate of analysis. This certificate is sort of a confirmation that you are a trusted kratom seller verified by the concerned departments. If a seller is unable to show its certificate of analysis, never buy products from such vendors. If you explore online kratom stores, you will find that most of them have displayed their lab tests on the website just to satisfy the visitors and buyers. This kind of public display gives you a sense of security that you are going to buy authentic kratom products. Reliable vendors test every single kratom product and batch and if any of them doesn’t fulfill the standards and rules set by the relevant authorities, they immediately discard such items without even considering the loss they have to bear for this.

Kratom Source

Getting information about the origin from where a specific seller is sourcing its kratom is also a necessary parameter for you to consider when making your purchase of authentic kratom products. If you explore local head shops or other locally available kratom stores, you will get to know that a couple of middlemen get involved in between the manufacturers and the sellers. This way, the chances of getting unhealthy products become quite higher. Because middlemen don’t even care about the customers’ health, rather they just want to make more money and nothing else. Keeping in mind the above discussion, never forget to have a look at the kratom source when buying kratom strains from any vendor. Usually, online kratom stores do mention their kratom source on their websites to let their customers know about the level of transparency.

Customers’ Reviews

One who purchases some products from a specific seller and feels satisfied will surely provide the feedback and the one who is not pleased with the same products is also going to share his or her experience. This feedback is quite useful for the new buyers to get an idea about the product quality and other services offered by a particular brand. Are you on the hunt for authentic kratom products? In search of a trusted kratom seller? You must have a look at the experience shared by the old buyers of the same brand. Doing this will help you identify the right seller and the right product as per your preferences and needs.

Keep Yourself Away from the Cheapest Kratom Products

If you find a kratom merchant selling its products at very low prices compared to all other vendors. There is something wrong for sure because nobody wants to bear the loss. In this particular scenario, the stock could be old enough and this is not safe for you to consume. Moreover, there are chances that the seller has mixed its kratom with impurities like heavy metals, additives, preservatives, or other harmful chemicals just to increase its weight. In short, if you want to purchase authentic kratom products, never go for the cheapest ones.

Ending Note

Following the detailed instructions given above will find authentic kratom products for you for sure. Don’t forget to consider them if you really want to make your kratom journey enjoyable and more pleasant.

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