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Use this form to place a wholesale order for bulk kratom powder. All our kratom is packaged in single vacuum sealed kilos and have been sterilized. Click here to see lab tests.

If you are looking for different quantities or other products in wholesale please call us at 954-694-0613 or email us at info@amazingbotanicals.net

Single Kratom Kilos (Vacuum Sealed and Sterilized)

100Kg’s | $20/kg
500Kg’s | $18/kg
1,000Kg’s | $15/kg
10,000Kg’s | $12/kg

Full list of strains available:

Green Bali
Green Borneo
Green Dragon
Green Elephant
Green Horn
Green Hulu
Green Indo
Green Maeng Da
Green Malay
Green Sumatra
Green Thai
Green Vietnam
Red Bali
Red Borneo
Red Dragon
Red Elephant
Red Horn
Red Hulu
Red Indo
Red Maeng Da
Red Malay
Red Sumatra
Red Thai
Red Vietnam
Red Bentuangie
White Bali
White Borneo
White Dragon
White Elephant
White Horn
White Hulu
White Indo
White Maeng Da
White Malay
White Sumatra
White Thai
White Vietnam
Yellow Bali
Yellow Indo
Yellow Maeng Da
Yellow Vietnam
Gold Bali
Gold Maeng Da
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