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Welcome to Amazing Botanicals’ Borneo Kratom product category page. Here, you will find a wide selection of high-quality Borneo Kratom products that are sourced from reputable farms and suppliers in Southeast Asia. Borneo Kratom is a unique and popular strain of Kratom that is known for its potential benefits and natural properties.

At Amazing Botanicals, we pride ourselves on offering only the finest Borneo Kratom products available. Our Borneo Kratom products are grown in the optimal tropical climate in Southeast Asia, resulting in high-quality Kratom that is rich in alkaloids and carefully processed to maintain its potency and purity.

Borneo Kratom is believed to offer a range of potential benefits, such as relaxation, mood enhancement, and potential energy boost. It may also offer potential support for general well-being and a sense of calmness. Our Borneo Kratom products are available in various forms, such as capsules, powders, and extracts, making it easy to find the perfect product to fit your individual needs and lifestyle.

Explore our selection of high-quality Borneo Kratom products at Amazing Botanicals and experience the natural power of Kratom today. Shop with confidence and enjoy our fast and discreet shipping.

Borneo Kratom FAQ's

Borneo Kratom is a trendy topic on several different Speciosa platforms. These forums are very productive where many users from across the globe share their experiences with each other and hence many of them get to know everything in detail from others’ experiences. It is indeed a superb way to get familiar with any strain of Mitragyna. Isn’t it?

The Kratom industry, with its miracles, is growing at a very high speed for the last 10 years because of the increasing demand for this particular herbal product.

The major reason why people prefer to take herbal items over synthetic products is, that herbal items are more productive and promote natural wellness among everyone who uses them.

Are you planning to try Borneo Speciosa for the first time? Or want a switch from another strain to Borneo Speciosa? It is a must for you to get familiar with it before you invest anything. It is a decent approach to start a new strain. If you are on the hunt for similar information, this guide is a perfect read for you. Let’s see how.

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What Precisely Is Borneo Kratom?

It is, without a doubt, a popular version of Mitragyna that is excessively available in the market. The manufacturers and growers work day and night to meet the needs of the recent market. It grows throughout the year and remains available every time. Therefore, its prices are lower than the rare kratom strains.

The customers find the prices pretty economical. Borneo Speciosa comes in different types and each of them exhibits different characteristics depending upon the cultivation land, weather conditions, and other similar parameters. We’ll discuss them later in this guide.

Where Does This Kratom Variant Originate From?

Borneo, in terms of area, is considered the 3rd largest island throughout the world. This land is politically divided into three different countries: Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia. This plant grows in all these countries and every variant can have different properties followed by different influences.

Why Is It Known As Borneo Kratom?

The Speciosa industry carries thousands of different products and almost every item comes from different places. Therefore, in order to make the recognition simple yet effective, the manufacturers have divided all the products into two major categories.

Many of them are associated with their respective colors whereas many others are named after their place of growth – origin.

Borneo is a famous Southeast Asian island that has a perfect land to produce Borneo Speciosa. Therefore, it is very clear that this strain is named after its origin.

What Does It Look Like?

Well, it comes in three different shades – light green, dark green, and brownish touch. You can keep these colors in mind when buying this tree leaf. They can help you select the right item before you pay anything.

What Kind Of Smell Does Borneo Speciosa Have?

It produces an earthy fragrance. Do you know what kind of smell this is? Not really? No need to worry at all. It is basically an odor that you smell from the fresh grass. Some people also compare it with the smell of wet soil. In short, Borneo Speciosa provides you with a pleasant aroma.

How Does It Feel When Taken?

As soon as you consume it, you will find its taste a bit sharp or pungent. If you are an experienced user of Mitragyna, you will definitely enjoy the overall influence but if you are fairly new to this domain, it will depend on your personal choice. There are some newbies who love taking this tree leaf.

List Of Active Alkaloids Present In This Kratom Variant

Every strain of Kratom consists of many alkaloids but the arrangement varies from one variant to another. The properties of a specific strain are governed by the major active alkaloids and the combination of major alkaloids in Borneo Kratom is given below.

  • Mitragynine
  • 9-hydroxy-mitragynine
  • 7-hydroxy-mitragynine

How Can I Take Borneo Speciosa?

You can opt for different methods to consume this plant depending upon your interests and choices. Some of the major ways of consumption are listed below.

Take Fresh Leaves

Many users find it easy to chew on the leaves. But, doing so gives you a sharp enough or sour taste. If you like such flavors, you can try this method.


It is also the easiest way to ingest Kratom. You can put some powder on the tongue, swallow it, and start drinking some water or drink of your choice.


They carry a calculated amount of fine powder and the naturally prepared capsule shells reduce the sharpness of taste to a great extent.


If you are a fan of extremely potent influence, you should try Borneo extracts to get the same experience.

Apart from the above-listed ways to take this strain, you can also make smoothies or teas to make your journey beautiful.

What Are The Different Variants Of The Borneo Family?

The top 3 and easily available variants of this family are:

  • Red Borneo
  • White Borneo
  • Green Borneo

Where To Purchase Borneo Kratom In 2022?

Nowadays, despite much saturation in the Kratom industry, Amazing Botanicals is serving the herbal community with all-natural strains at an extremely reasonable package.

It is an online store that strictly follows AKA standards and tests every single strain under the supervision of reputed third-party independent testing laboratories. You can ask them to show you lab test reports for any product you want to buy from them.

Are The Customers Pleased With The Outcomes?

According to multiple Kratom discussion forums, most of the users always look for alkaloid concentration when purchasing any strain. If they find that a particular variant has higher concentrations of all important alkaloids, they happily buy it and start enjoying it in no time.

As far as Borneo Speciosa is concerned, it has all the major alkaloids present in higher amounts; therefore, it is always appreciated by almost all users.

Final Words

Borneo Kratom originates from the 3rd largest island of the world – Borneo. It is available in 3 different types including red, white, and green veins. Being a popular Kratom variant, you can buy it at fair prices. If you are searching for a trustworthy online Korth seller, Amazing Botanicals is the perfect store for you to buy anything you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this strain costly?

Answer: As far as its quality is concerned, this strain is available in the market at affordable prices. The fact is that the price keeps on fluctuating every time you move from one seller to another. As per our research, the average price for 28 grams of Borneo Kratom is somewhere between $11 to $13.

Question: Is this Kratom popular enough?

Answer: Yes, it belongs to the family of Speciosa strains that are known for their unbelievable influence. When it comes to the US, around 95% of its stock comes directly from Borneo.

Question: What makes this tree leaf so special?

Answer: One of the features that make this strain stand out in the market is its higher concentration of alkaloids. Experienced consumers are more attracted to such products.

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