Authentic, pure, organic, natural-these adjectives attract customers to the various online shops selling Mitragyna products. However, one shop that has become the trademark for authenticity is Authentic Kratom, with a large customer base to prove that it is true!

Overall Rating 10/10

Authentic Kratom follows standards of excellence that make it the top choice for thousands of people every day! The overall rating of this shop is the best as it follows ethical consumerism and ensures that your experiences are valuable.

  • Pure Mitragyna sourced from Southeast Asia.
  • Excellent website design to make customers comfortable.
  • Customer service to help all queries at all times.
  • The best packaging and fast shipping will always be the reason you enjoy fresh and potent kratom.
  • Returns and refunds are an assurance that customers can improve their kratom feed by getting a different strain in case their purchase does not appeal to them!

All these qualities make Authentic Kratom a competitive and quality online shop offering some of the best strains to users. You can log on and see for yourself, the simple classification of kratom strains and the easy shopping experience will make you return soon!

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Company Analysis

Authentic Kratom started in 2013 in California and now provides quality products to customers in the United States and Europe. Since then the customer base has only grown due to the quality of products and the easy, and comfortable shopping experience. Moreover, the customer service and reasonable prices make this shop a popular choice among kratom enthusiasts. The expansion of operations and the wide variety of products make Authentic Kratom one of the leading online shops for kratom in the United States. Various reviewers and kratom critics have ranked this shop among the best online vendors! You too can become a part of the Authentic Kratom community by placing an order.

Product RangeOver 40 Products Available
PriceExcellent prices and numerous offers and deals.
DiscountsWhopping cuts on prices through the Premium, Hot deal, and Best deal offers.
ShippingFree shipping over $50.
Refund and exchangesPossible! All you need to do is ask the customer service!
Customer serviceEfficient, and helpful customer service.
Laboratory testingThird-party testing of all products to prove purity and reveal contents of all products.
Education for customersA blog will provide useful literature so you can learn more about Mitragyna.

Range of Products

Authentic Kratom offers more than 40 products in the form of powder, crushed leaf, and capsules. There are more than 18 strains available in red, green, white, and yellow strain variations. You can buy any exotic kratom strain and stimulate the senses for several hours. The kratom powder or crushed leaf can be used in numerous ways and therefore, you will never get bored! People who consume organic products daily may believe that it is a mundane drill but with kratom, you can create exciting edibles like brownies, or iced tea, or smoothies! Kratom gummies and other products can be made at home too! Crushed leaf kratom is an excellent pick for teas and smoking. However, you can use these products in any way you like and add thrill and excitement to your day!

Price and Discounts

The price of all kratom strains on the website is reasonable. You can buy an ounce of pure kratom for only $10 and it lasts a few days. However, if your Mitragyna needs seem expensive, you can avail amazing discounts if you spend $40 or more. The various deals at Authentic Kratom allow amazing discounts and free products for people who spend a specified amount.


When you shop to your heart’s content, Authentic Kratom offers free shipping for orders over $50. However, you can avail of fast shipping options on large orders too! The online shop sends out orders the day they are placed, and this ensures delivery within three working days! No matter where you are in the United States, the Authentic Kratom package will be at your doorstep within three days so that you can begin your Mitragyna experience.

Customer Service, Refunds, and More!

Often customers and beginners wish to try a new product but when they receive it, they change their mind! However, Authentic Kratom believes that the customer is always right! If you want an exchange, all you need to do is call customer service. You can get your order exchanged to buy the strain that you are comfortable using. The website asks you to fill a form to request returns and this is what makes Authentic Kratom an authentic experience for quality.

Laboratory Testing

All products of Authentic Kratom are rigorously tested for purity and to assure consumers that they are safe. The raw leaves for all the products come from all-natural and chemical-free farms in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and adjacent islands. The farmers are experts in kratom cultivation and hand-pick healthy, juicy leaves at the right age. The leaves are checked for health and then dried. The dried leaves are turned into various products at state-of-the-art manufacturing units. The products go through testing at all stages, but the final laboratory test approves the contents and confirms that everything is free of fillers, additives, and Non-GMO substances. Authentic Kratom is a safe and natural experience as the alkaloids become a source of stimulation and energy for all users. Moreover, you will feel the authentic kratom invigoration throughout the day!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are All The Kratom Strains On The Website For Beginners?

As a beginner, you must try a mild strain so that your body can get used to the alkaloids. Once you are accustomed to the stimulation and energy, you can use any kratom variant that suits you. Try out any of the products on the Authentic Kratom website and they will revitalize you every time.

2) Does Authentic Kratom Ship Orders To My State?

Some states do not allow kratom use. The list includes Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Indiana, Wisconsin, and some parts of Florida. You must check if your state allows kratom use. If it does, Authentic Kratom will ship your order within three days!

3) How Can I Pay For My Order?

The online shop offers bank card payments over a secure link for customer convenience. Whenever you order, you can pay online so that there is a no-transaction delivery of the most potent kratom products to your doorstep!

4) Are There Any Sample Packs That I Can Try?

Authentic Kratom does not offer ‘sample packs’ but you can order one ounce of each strain that you want to try. The small amount will not go to waste and you will be able to spot the strain that invigorates you most! Moreover, on all orders of over $50, the shop offers free samples of strains that you have not tried before!

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