Many Kratom suppliers only sell online. Others may sell their goods on wholesale websites or sites that deal in botanical herbs and items. Then there are some sellers that sell their product mostly in physical stores but also sell some of it online.

One of these merchants is Atlas Kratom. Their small US-based store has a solid reputation as a reliable speciosa supplier. This Atlas Kratom vendor review will give our readers some information about this ketum vendor, allowing them to determine for themselves whether this is a seller they should look into.

About Company

Atlas Kratom is a retail business in Hollister, Missouri, United States. It was founded by Jeremy Mercer to help raise Mitragyna awareness in his neighbourhood.

It is a small, hole-in-the-wall shop recognized for its high-quality herb and it is well-known for its affordable costs, despite the nice and cuddly vibe that other local retailers may excuse.

In the Midwest, Atlas was the first to provide Chocolate Kratom, and in the South, it was the first to sell kratom tinctures.

What other services does this company provide? Let’s have a look at this blog post of atlas kratom vendor review.

Products Offered By Atlas Kratom

A rotating selection of strains and blends is available at the store. Regardless, you can count on them to have a few standard items on their shelves. However, they always have Red, Green, and White Ketum on hand. It also contains a lot of yellow ketum.

Delta 8 Gummies, CBD sweets, CBD vape cartridges, and Wild Lettuce tinctures are among the most recent additions to this Missouri seller’s inventory.

Despite the fact that it has a wide variety of excellent strains, there are just three that demand special attention. Our top recommendations for Atlas best ketum powders are as follows:

Green Dayak is an obvious choice for first place, only because it is quite rare. Genuine Dayak is grown by the Dayak people of Borneo, a hill-dwelling tribe that follow their own traditions and live in harmony with nature. This green vein powder has an earthy, spicy, and long-lasting scent that smells like fresh nutmeg and arrowroot. The subtle aroma of Green Dayak awakens all the senses.

Red Horn is one of Mitragyna speciosa’s oldest and most powerful varieties, named after the horn-shaped impressions on each leaf. As far as red vein ketum powder goes, this one is a dynamo, emitting a deep aroma that can linger for hours.

Horned speciosa, like Green Dayak, comes from Borneo, where it is wild-crafted on the island’s hilly highlands. The mineral-rich soil is considered to be important in Red Horn’s alkaloid profile, which is dominated by 7-OH.

White Hulu Kapuas is a consistent blend of crimson and white notes with a mossy undertone. White Kapuas, like many other white vein ketum powders, is as strong as it is unusual.

This one-of-a-kind variety is gathered along the Kapuas River in Indonesia. Prior to cultivation, it is allowed to grow to incredible heights. White Hulu Kapuas’ energizing aroma will keep you reeling for a long time, making it a memorable perfume for any occasion.

Green Malay, Red Bali, Red Borneo, Red Hulu Kapuas, Red Maeng Da, Red Malay, Red Thai, White Maeng Da, Yellow Bali, Yellow Hulu, Yellow Maeng Da, and Yellow Thai are among the varieties available at this brand.

Pricing Range

Their prices are not displayed on their website and as a result, most clients anticipate that their charges will be higher than those of most internet retailers, but their prices are normally fixed, and changes are only made during promotional periods. Instead of pushing prospects to “submit a quote” only to look at the price list, it makes more sense to display that information on the website. Aside from that, this company is unlikely to sell in huge quantities.

Atlas Kratom Website

In terms of general design, Atlas Kratom’s main website is charming, as one would expect from a small local firm. Other high-end sellers’ confidence and details are not included on the internet. This can be explained by the fact that they sell an excess of Mitragyna speciosa in its physical store rather than online.

Except for the Get a Quote area, there is no online catalog for the products. This may be inconvenient for customers who want to buy kratom from them online. Not only are online visitors unable to check the cost and merchandise menus, but they must also contact the company via email to learn about current stock.

Since online visitors have no knowledge of what kratom strains are currently available, they can ask a few inquiries before deciding what to acquire.

There’s also no indication of shipping or return policies. All other necessary procedures, such as Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, are also missing. If Mitragyna was sold locally, this would have been acceptable.

However, because they accept online orders, they must update their website. This will increase their number of internet customers. In other words, rather than being an online store, their website is more of a simplified business page.

Consumer Reputation

As a small brick-and-mortar company, it’s not simple to build a good reputation, yet this brand has a solid 4.2-star Google Reviews rating. This rating is a mix of positive and negative feedback. The positive, on the other hand, vastly surpasses the bad. Here are some of the best reviews from Atlas Kratom users:

  • “Very friendly and helpful! Hit the mark!”
  • “I will say I’ve been a customer for over a year and if I could rate more than 5 stars I would!!”
  • “I went to Atlas Kratom today, and was very surprised. The store was very clean and nice inside.”
  • “Top notch dietary supplements. Budget pricing is fair for convenience and quality on offer. You can buy bulk harvests online cheaper, but the quality won’t match the nutrition and strength of the herbs and teas sold here.”

The majority of reviews appear to like Atlas Ketum’s customer service. Here are a few examples of this brand’s customer satisfaction:

  • “Awesome place and location, great quality Kratom and the woman I spoke with was very nice and informative.”
  • “Kim was great! Informative, very friendly, very helpful, and even helped me to save money.”
  • “Kim is the absolute best.”
  • “The store is so fast and amazing, truly a godsend. These people are super friendly.”

Shipping And Return Policy

Due to the lack of an e-commerce business, this company does not have a shipping policy.

Their website does not mention a refund policy. Because the purchases are made in person, there are likely to be fewer returns.

It’s safe to think they don’t accept returns for unsealed things because they can’t resell them. If the consumer receives a sub-par batch, they may issue a refund.

Payment Method

They do not have an online store, as previously stated. Either call the store directly or use the website’s “Get Quote” form to contact the company.

This seller only accepts cash and credit card payments at their local store because they are not set up for e-commerce online.

Final Word On Atlas Kratom

If you’re seeking a pleasant experience, Altas Kratom is a great location to purchase Ketum goods. Even though they only offer in-person shopping, if you’re a ketum fan, you should check out their quality. They work within the neighborhood in which they operate, but clients who have used their services have been very pleased with their purchases. If you live in Hollister, Missouri, you should give Atlas Kratom a try.

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