The sales of herbal products in the world are increasing sharply because of their uncountable benefits. People are now adhering to and attracted more towards herbal products to take advantage of their ultimate fruit-bearing outcomes. Arena Ethnobotanicals is the best online kratom vendor for you to buy supreme quality herbal products in this competitive landscape. They make sure to deliver their products on the same day if you place your order before 2 pm pacific time. The brand assures their customers of 100% originality in all their products, and you will come across one of the best customer services while ordering from them.

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Company Outline

ArenaEthnobotanicals is a provider of seeds, herbs, plants, and intensive herbal extracts. Arena was established after an unpleasant incident with a popular US retailer. The brand manufactures all its products in a 100% organic procedure and is always seeking improvement in its methods. The company is grounded in California to hand over its best possible products and services to its esteemed clients.

Product Range

The ArenaEthnobotanicals has an extensive range of products available in their e-commerce store. They sell an exclusive variety of high-standard herbal products such as kratom, kava, and blue lotus. Before we dive into the sea of their herbal products, one product doesn’t fall under that category that’s caught our surprise. Let’s go through the entire products list one by one in short detail.

1) Moon MaskIt

Moon MaskIt is a unique product from ArenaEthnobotanicals as it’s a Rechargeable Electrical Air Purifying Respirator. The product comes with a pack of HEPA filters inside that provides an excellent powered ventilation system. Also, these effective filters purify PM2.5 by 99.9%. Moreover, the mask is easy to handle, restful, and fits comfortably on your face, thereby ensuring a feasible, fresh, and clean breath. It has a rechargeable air pump that can be put around the neck with a lanyard.

2) Kratom

Searching for good-quality kratom that retains the supreme quality of the herb imported directly from its native lands seems challenging in the intense combative marketplace. This is also because of the circulation of low-quality Mitragyna Speciosa in the market by retail stores and untrustworthy vendors who sell the lowest quality herb in the name of originality. Arena Ethnobotanicals is a compelling and genuine vendor that can be trusted without any doubt. The provision of the highest-quality kratom to its customers makes them stand out in reliability and credibility. They only sell garden-fresh kratom leaves to their customers, and shipments are ensured within a day so that the leaves stay fresh. They are one of the few suppliers of Kratom in the USA that provide an authentic and newly harvested grinding service for all its Kratom leaves.

3) Kava Kava

Arena comes up with only the top variety of kava for their precious customers. They provide two potencies of extract, both 50%, and 30%. This is the exact potency review as a medicinal laboratory manufactures high-class kava under stern environmental controlled conditions to keep the quality standards.

4) Fly Agaric Mushrooms

The brand also offers you popular and in-demand Fly Agaric Mushrooms. They have many discrete kinds of Amanita Muscaria (a large red mushroom with white dots) along with Amanita Pantherina (false blusher). The fantastic thing is that mushrooms would be delivered to you on the same business day in a safe cardboard box. To maintain the natural freshness and originality of the products, they make sure to do the packaging in resealable bags.

5) Wild Dagga

If you’re searching for 100% natural Leonotis Leonurus (a.k.a Wild Dagga), you can confidently try Arena out for their all-natural Wild Dagga products. Arena only delivers a small amount of these orange-colored flowers from a well-reputed source which helps the native community. Moreover, there is a solid commitment to delivering only the best quality of Wild Dagga you are likely to find in the market.

6) Kanna

Kanna is a plant also known scientifically as Sceletium tortuosum. It is a tender herb primarily found in South Africa. Arena offers fresh Kanna in two types, powdered form, and rough grind. Consumers of Kanna have been informed by various experts on various forums that this is a top-class herb with world-class benefits. Consequently, Kanna is also referred to as a calming herb for its relaxing properties.

7) Dream Herb

Calea zacatechichi, the natural Dream Herb, is a top-quality herb securely shipped from Mexico under strict observation. Arena Ethno makes sure that the very same quality is retained throughout the shipping process where the herb is imported safely from its lands of origins and delivered right to your doorstep.

8) Blue Lotus

Nymphaea caerulea, commonly known as Blue Lotus, can be used in multiple ways, but it is mainly used to make blue lotus tea or to soak its wine. Arena provides you with everything blue lotus, including its extract, powder, oil, or scales. Arena’s Blue Lotus comes with the following stand-out qualities:

  • 100% natural extract
  • It smells fresh with blue lily flowers
  • Delivers unbeatable usefulnesses
  • You can use it in many ways, like tea or extract

Delivery & Pricing

Products bought from Arena will be delivered the same business day through USPS. U.S shipments are usually delivered within 2-3 days with express shipping and 3-5 days with land shipping. The cost for land shipping is $4.99, and for express delivery, the price is $25.00 and $35 for overnight (except Friday consignments/overnight Saturday orders). There is a flat rate of $15 for shipments outside the U.S and a time of 10-20 days.

Standard Return Policy

Arena provides 30 days to return your purchase with your receipt, and they guarantee 100% money-back in case of any inconvenience on their side, but this does not include the shipping and handling expenses. If you receive any damaged or spoiled product, a new fresh product will be sent to you, or your payment will be refunded. If a product is opened or used, it will not be returned.

Remittance Options

Arena Ethno accepts all credit cards, cheques, and money orders. However, no matter which payment method you choose, California sales tax will be charged on all their products. You can mail the cheques and money orders to the address provided on their website.

Privacy of Customer

Arena EthnoBotanicals assures its customers of complete confidentiality. It attests to the right that no personal information will be seen or shared by anyone. They use cookies just to gather information about the customer’s preferences so that they can make the customer’s shopping experience more customized and tailored to their needs. They strictly follow internet protocols and ethics; they do not trade or sell customer’s information which they ask for during the order placing.  In fact, all personal information entered on their website is encrypted so you can rest assured while making any purchases online.

Website Overview

Arena Ethno has created an exceptionally user-friendly website. The developers have done a great job at making the interface easy to navigate. All the products are described with pictures and categorized professionally so that a normal person with very little technical knowledge about the use of the product can easily choose the desired product. There is an easily accessible option to chat with the customer service provider when you are ordering any product so they can direct you on the spot about the product you wish to buy.

The Best Part

In my opinion, Arena EthnoBotanicals gives good quality herbal products with excellent and unquestionable customer services, including fast same-day shipping and an affiliate program that offers a 20% referral fee on every order if your friend buys using your referral code. To cap it all, you don’t need to throw away both your energy and time by struggling with the cheaters when Arena EthnoBotanicals are here to serve you with their beyond unique products and services.

Discounts Offers

Arena EthnoBotanicals is providing some excellent discounts on their products that you can avail of to enjoy quality herbal products at unbelievable prices! The discount promo codes are as follows:

  • Discount: 40% OFF Code: SS-40-N
  • Discount:$20 OFF Code: LKS187C5
  • $349.95 OFFER Code: 95GOLD
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Arena offer cash on delivery?

No, currently not. As they are flourishing and innovating with time, it is expected that they will launch cash on delivery features soon.

What will happen if the product gets damaged during the delivery?

There is no need to worry about that as the customer can easily return the product and get a new one in exchange.

How to contact any representative of the company?

You can approach them at your ease through the Contact numbers and emails given on their website to contact any company representative.

How to use the promo codes?

You just have to type the code at the checkout page.

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