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Amazing Botanical is a premium Kratom and botanicals store. We understand how difficult it can be for a lot of people to access high quality Kratom and in our bid to ensure that the botanical was easily accessible and readily available to as many people as possible who wanted it, Amazing Botanicals was born.

Our company was founded in 2014 and we have been in business since then, providing premium quality Kratom at affordable prices to people all over the country. What started out as a small business, has today grown into a big botanicals company, thanks to our dedication to our goal and efficiency in running the business.

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At Amazing Botanicals, we go to great lengths to ensure that all our botanicals are of the highest quality. Our Kratom powder is only harvested when the leaves are fully matured and potent. Every strain of the Kratom is tested is a lab for its strength and cleanliness so as to ensure that the Kratom powder we put out meets and exceeds the sanitary standards set of consumers.

What makes us better than our competitors?

Amazing Botanicals is not like other botanicals company, especially regarding how we source our Kratom. When sourcing for Kratom, we always ensure that we do not go after suppliers whose Kratom are cultivated and produced through plantation-based farming.

After trying out multiple Kratom sources in a process where we lab tested the products to verify the potency and quality of their harvested Kratom, Amazing Botanicals finally found an independent Kratom supplier based in Indonesia. This current supplier is well versed and knowledgeable in the entire process and procedures involved in organic renegade Kratom harvesting.

Our supplier is very meticulous about how their Kratom is grown. They go through the stress of ensuring that while growing in the field, the Kratom is protected from harmful chemicals and contaminants which are capable of decreasing the potency of the Kratom. Nonetheless, when we receive the Kratom, we still conduct our own lab tests to screen for the presence of harmful chemicals, pests, and pathogens which may have gone through the production phase undetected by the supplier.



We are willingly to go through rigorous tests and means to ensure that our products are of nothing but the highest quality. We do not compromise on our quality because we want to make sure that you can always count on us for your premium Kratom. In addition to providing top quality products to all our customers, we also make them available at very competitive prices. We do not just want you to enjoy our products, we want to ensure that you do not have to dig a hole in your pocket just to make a purchase from us.

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What is Kratom? 

Kratom is a completely natural product. It is literally the leaves from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, with no other added ingredients, which means that Kratom is 100% organic. 

Notably, Kratom is from the same biological family as Coffee. Specifically, Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) and Coffea (Coffee) are in the Rubiaceae biological family of flowering plants. 

Kratom natively grows across the Equatorial regions of Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea. In these regions Kratom has been used since ancient times, and is popular to this day and is an essential part of the native culture. 

Only recently, in the past 10-20 years, has Kratom become popular in the western world. That being said, Kratom has had such a beneficial influence that over 15 million Americans now use Kratom, and that number is rapidly growing with each passing year. 

Kratom naturally contains 50+ alkaloids, with the primary alkaloids being Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. There is currently vigorous research into the effects and benefits of Kratom’s alkaloids, and so far the scientific results, as well as the subjective evidence, is extremely promising.

Further, Kratom also contains beneficial flavonoids, tannins, and phenolic compounds, and the research so far on these additionally Kratom compounds is extremely promising as well. 

What are the different types of Kratom products, and how to use Kratom?

The most common form of Kratom is Kratom powder, which is created via finely grinding the leaves. Kratom powder is typically taken orally via toss n’ wash, where a person quickly washes back the Kratom with a drink like orange juice. Additionally, Kratom powder can be made into Kratom tea. 

Kratom is also often sold in capsule form, which is the same as Kratom powder except it is put into capsules for added convenience. 

Notably, Kratom is sometimes sold as crushed leaf, where the leaves have not been finely ground but instead only crushed. This is considered one of the freshest forms of Kratom, and it can be made into tea or even smoked. Indeed, Amazing Botanicals offers Kratom Cigarettes that are made with Green Maeng Da Crushed Kratom Leaf, and this is the best option out there for smoking Kratom. 

Beyond that, the most convenient and potent form of Kratom is extracts, which come in tablet, capsule, tincture, or shot form. Essentially, Kratom’s primary alkaloids, such as Mitragyne and 7-hydroxymitragynine, are extracted in order to produce extracts, allowing users to take far less material than regular Kratom powder for equivalent effects. Further, Kratom extracts often have more potent effects than regular Kratom, and are faster acting. 

Kratom Dosage

People who have never used Kratom before should start with a Kratom powder dosage of 2-3 grams. If you are a light Kratom user, meaning you only use Kratom once in a while, a dosage of 3-5 grams should be sufficient. Moderate Kratom users, meaning you use Kratom once every few days, should take a dosage of 4-7 grams. 

Daily Kratom users, and Kratom users with high tolerance, should take a dosage of 7-10 grams. No more than 10 grams of Kratom should be used at a time, since Kratom has no additional benefits beyond a dosage of 10 grams. Indeed, due to the alkaloid profile of Kratom, which includes opioid antagonist alkaloids, Kratom’s effects do not get stronger beyond a certain dosage. 

Further, only one strong dose of Kratom should be taken per day, although it is ok to take two strong doses per day if these doses are well spread out, such as one in the morning and one in the evening. Dosing more than that is not recommended, since more than two strong doses per day will likely provide no additional benefits. 

Notably, it is important to weigh your Kratom on a scale in order to get the dosage right, especially when you are a new user. That being said, you can weigh out how much Kratom powder is on a level teaspoon, and then use the same teaspoon in order to measure your dosages without using a scale. 

As for Kratom extracts, a dosage of 10-15 mg of Mitragynine in an extract is equivalent to 1 gram of leaf, so you can calculate the Kratom leaf equivalent in your extract by dividing the Mitragynine content in the extract by a factor of 10-15, and then dose accordingly. For example, a Kratom extract tablet with 45 mg of Mitragynine is equivalent to 3-5 grams of Kratom leaf, and therefore, a dosage of two extract tablets would be appropriate for a daily Kratom user. 

Best Way To Take Kratom

There are many different ways to take Kratom, including toss n’ wash with Kratom powder, making Kratom tea, smoking Kratom (such as the Kratom cigarettes available on Amazing Botanicals), taking Kratom capsules, taking Kratom extract tablets or capsules, or taking Kratom tinctures or shots. 

The best way to take Kratom really boils down to your personal preference, since different people prefer different methods/products. In-fact, most Kratom users actually take Kratom in all of the ways mentioned above, since each method has its own unique benefits, and it is exciting to take Kratom in all of the different ways. 

Where To Buy Kratom

Amazing Botanicals is the best place to buy Kratom powders, capsules, and extracts. The Kratom from Amazing Botanicals is as fresh as the day it was harvested in Indonesia, lab tested to ensure that it has zero contaminants/adulterants and is highly potent, and it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Although there may be many other vendors and smoke shops where Kratom can be purchased, no other Kratom is as high quality and affordable as Amazing Botanicals’ Kratom. 

Kratom’s Alkaloids

The primary Kratom alkaloids are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. That being said, Kratom contains over 50 alkaloids, including Paynantheine, Speciogynine, Speciciliatine, Epicatechin, Mitraphylline, Speciophylline, Isomitraphylline, Rhynchophylline, Isorhynchophylline, Ajmalicine, Corynantheidine, Akuammigine, Speciofoline, Corynoxine A & B, Ciliaphylline, 9-Hydroxycorynantheidine, Isopteropodine, Corynoxeine, Isomitrafoline, Isospeciofoline, Mitraciliatine, Mitragynine oxindole B, Mitrafoline, Mitraversine, Stipulatine, Tetrahydroalstonine, Pinoresinol, 7-Hydroxyspeciociliatine, 3-Dehydromitragynine, 9-Methoxymitralactonine, Tetrahydromitragynine, Mitralactonine, Mitralactonal, Mitrasulgyline, Mitrasulgynine, and Corynantheidaline. 

The effects and benefits of Kratom’s alkaloids are a hot topic of ongoing scientific research, and there is much to be discovered. 

How Kratom is Made

Most of the Kratom which exists is simply Kratom powder, whether it be sold in a bag or encapsulated, and this type of Kratom is simply picked from the tree and then put through a grinder in order to turn it into a fine powder. No other ingredients are added, and therefore Kratom is 100% organic. 

As for Kratom extracts, they are made with specialized processes which extract the alkaloids from the Kratom leaves in order to make a more concentrated and potent product. That being said, all Kratom extracts on Amazing Botanicals are still 100% organic. 

Kratom Effects

Kratom generally provides a pleasant mood lift, relaxation, and energy. Some Kratom strains are more energizing, such as Green Vein, while other Kratom strains are more relaxing, such as Red Vein, whereas other Kratom strains such as White Vein and Yellow Vein have a balance of relaxation and energy. 

How Fast Does Kratom Take Effect, How Long Does Kratom Last, And When Kratom Wears Off

Typically the effects of Kratom powder and capsules begin to become apparent within the first 30 minutes after dosing, with peak effects between 2-4 hours after dosing, and after that effects can linger all day. 

On the other hand, Kratom extracts can have effects that start within minutes of dosing, peak effects between 1-2 hours after dosing, and the effects of extracts wear off much quicker than regular Kratom powder, typically within 4-6 hours. 

What are the differences between the Kratom Vein Colors, Red, Gold, Yellow, White, and Green?

Kratom is commonly classified according to a color scale, with the most common Kratom vein colors being Red, Gold, Yellow, White, and Green. These colors indicate different post-harvesting processes, which result in the different vein colors of Kratom having different alkaloid profiles. 

Indeed, it was recently discovered that the primary Kratom alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine is not even naturally present in Kratom leaves. Rather, 7-hydroxymitragynine forms via the oxidation of Mitragynine post-harvesting. Therefore, the different post-harvesting techniques which result in different Kratom Vein color are scientifically proven to modulate Kratom’s alkaloid profile, and this in turn causes the different Kratom vein colors to have different effects. 

Specifically, Red Kratom goes through a fermentation process using sunlight and water, enhancing the concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine, in addition to enhancing the levels of the extremely powerful alkaloid Mitragynine Pseudoindoxyl. This process gives the Kratom a reddish hue, which is why they call this type of Kratom Red Vein.

Gold Kratom also goes through a fermentation process using sunlight and water, enhancing the concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine, in addition to enhancing the levels of the extremely powerful alkaloid Mitragynine Pseudoindoxyl. This is actually the same fermentation process used to produce Red Vein Kratom. What makes this Kratom Gold Vein is that it went through a specialized drying process which enhanced the concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine to the maximum levels possible. This specialized drying process turns the leaves a golden color, which is why they call this type of Kratom Gold Vein.

White Kratom is harvested early in its maturity in order to ensure maximum freshness, and then it goes through a specialized drying process in an air-conditioned room with zero light, preventing any alkaloids from breaking down and ensuring maximum alkaloid content.

The special process by which this Kratom was harvested and dried gives it a balanced alkaloid profile that is similar to a mix of Green Kratom and Red Kratom. Notably, veteran Kratom users often prefer White Vein strains due to their balanced nature.

Yellow Kratom goes through a specialized drying process. This specialized drying process is different from the technique used to produce White Vein Kratom, and therefore Yellow Vein Kratom has unique characteristics relative to White Vein. Like White Vein, Yellow Vein Kratom has effects comparable to a mix of Red Vein and Green Vein, but simultaneously the effects are different from White Vein.

Green Kratom is harvested from more mature leaves which contain maximum levels of Mitragynine, and then this Kratom goes through a specialized drying process involving a mixture of drying in a room with no light and briefly drying out in the sun, unlike White Vein Kratom which is dried only in a room with no light. The mature nature of the leaves at harvesting time and the specialized drying process is what defines Green Vein Kratom. The most important thing to know is that due to the high levels of Mitragynine relative to Red Vein and White Vein, Green Vein Kratom leads to a more invigorating experience, and is the perfect option for the daytime or work.

The Kratom ‘Stoplight’ Helps Explain Differences Between Kratom Vein Colors

The Kratom stoplight is perhaps the most concise way to understand the differences in effect between vein colors. Red is for stop, meaning the Kratom is more relaxing, Green is for go, meaning the Kratom is more energizing, and Yellow/White is in-between, meaning the Kratom has equally strong relaxing and energizing effects. Notably, Gold Vein Kratom is similar to Red Vein. 

What are the differences between Kratom strains, such as Bali, Sumatra, Elephant, Thai, Hulu, Malay, Indo, Dragon, Horn, Vietnam, Maeng Da, etc?

Aside from the Vein color, Kratom also has different strain names. Generally these names define which region the Kratom originates from, such as Vietnam, Indo, Thai, and Malay. This is important, since different regions have different climate and soil conditions, causing Kratom from different regions to have different alkaloid profiles and therefore different effects.

Also, sometimes different Kratom strains indicate that a particular strain is highly potent, such as Bali, which is the name given to the Kratom which has the highest 7-hydroxymitragynine content at a given time, or Maeng Da, which means ‘Pimp Grade’.

Further, some of the Kratom strain names indicate a certain type of Kratom leaf. For example, Elephant Kratom is from leaves which are shaped like an elephant ear, and Horn Kratom has horn shapes on the edge of the leaves. 

What Kratom is best for sleep? What Kratom is best for relaxing?

Generally Red Vein Kratom strains are considered the best for relaxing effects, and therefore are the best Kratom for night time. Notably, it is wise to take Kratom 2-3 hours before going to bed, rather than right at bedtime, since all types of Kratom do have some energizing effects for the first 1-3 hours. 

What Kratom is best for energy?

Green Vein Kratom strains, such as Green Maeng Da and Green Malay, are the most energetic Kratom strains, and therefore the best for work, errands, and daytime activities in general. 

Other Names For Kratom

Although Kratom is by far the most common name for the leaves from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, Kratom has many other names, since Kratom grows in many different regions across Southeast Asia, and there are many different languages across these regions. 

In Indonesia it is called Kadamba, Puri, and Keton. In Thailand it is called Kratom, Kraton, Krathawm, Katawn, Kakuam, Graton, Bai Krathom, Thom, and Ithang. In Malaysia it is called Biak, Biak-Biak, Ketum, Kutum, Pokok Biak, Pokok Ketum, and Sepat. In the Philippines it is called Mambog, Lugub, and Polapoput. In Myanmar it is called Beinsa and Beinsaywat, and finally in Vietnam it is called Giam.


Kratom And Alcohol

As stated in the previous section, it is unwise and potentially dangerous to mix Kratom with any drugs, and the same is true for mixing Kratom with Alcohol. Generally, people who mix Kratom with Alcohol will easily get nauseous, and therefore it is a combination that should be avoided. 

Is Kratom Illegal?

Kratom is legal in most of the United States. Unfortunately Kratom is illegal in Wisconsin, Indiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Vermont, and Rhode Island. Also, Kratom is banned in many countries across the world, including Russia, China, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Norway, and Israel. 

Why is Kratom Illegal in Thailand?

Kratom is banned in Thailand, and this is surprising since Kratom has been used in Thailand since ancient times. Some people may assume the fact that Kratom is banned in Thailand means that Kratom is dangerous. However, the only reason Kratom was banned in Thailand is because the government of Thailand controlled the Opium trade back during World War 2, and the government considered Kratom a threat to the Opium trade. Literally, Kratom was banned in Thailand in order to bolster the Opium trade, and the ban in Thailand has nothing to do with Kratom being dangerous, since indeed Kratom is not dangerous. 

Kratom Near Me

No matter where you are, whether you be in the United States or in any other country on Earth, Amazing Botanicals can rapidly ship Kratom to you. Therefore, you only have to go as far as your mailbox to get the highest quality Kratom on the planet when you buy Kratom from Amazing Botanicals. 

Kratom Without Heavy Metals

Concerns have been brought up in the past about heavy metals content in Kratom. The good news is that all Kratom at Amazing Botanicals is rigorously lab tested to ensure that it does not contain excess heavy metals. Indeed, the Kratom at Amazing Botanicals contains about the same levels of heavy metals as you would find in vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, etc. 

Is Kratom Addictive? Does Kratom Cause Withdrawal?

Scientific studies have proven that Kratom has very low addiction potential, and subjective evidence indicates that Kratom is roughly as addictive as Coffee. Likewise, based on numerous scientific studies and a tremendous amount of subjective evidence, the withdrawal effects of Kratom are no more than the withdrawal effects from discontinuing Coffee. 

Indeed, Kratom is actually from the same biological family as the species of plants which produce Coffee. Specifically, both Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) and Coffea (Coffee) are in the Rubiaceae biological family. 

Does Kratom show up on a drug test?

Kratom does not show up on any standard drug tests, whether it be a 4 panel or 12 panel drug test. That being said, there are Kratom drug tests available at laboratories. Essentially, if a urine or hair sample is sent to a lab for further analysis, and the lab is specifically looking for Kratom, then it is possible to fail a drug test for Kratom.

Zooming out, if you are undergoing a drug test for employment reasons, then there is nothing to worry about, since Kratom won’t be tested for. However, if you are on probation or parole then you could get in trouble if your sample is sent to a lab, especially if your officer knows that you’ve been taking Kratom. 

Kratom For Sale

If you are looking for the highest quality Kratom for sale, look no further than Amazing Botanicals, which offers 50+ exotic and rare strains, and a wide variety of Kratom products including Kratom powders, Kratom capsules, 50X Kratom extract, Kratom extract tablets, and Kratom extract shots. 

The Kratom for sale on Amazing Botanicals is lab tested to ensure maximum freshness and potency, in addition to ensuring zero contaminants and adulterants. Best of all, Amazing Botanicals offers Kratom products at lower prices than anywhere else. 

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