OPMS Silver and Gold Capsules have started attracting thousands of Kratom enthusiasts. This industry consists of hundreds of different products and is getting more saturated every other day. Regular Kratom users are familiar with a couple of products but still, a lot of them are unknown to millions of users. There is a lot yet to explore in this domain.

Different sellers have invested in this business to fulfill the increasing demands for Mitragyna Speciosa. Every vendor has its own specialty and carries unique items to engage potential buyers. In addition, shipping, pricing, and return policies create differences between different merchants.

OPMS is one of the leading Kratom sellers in the global market. You must have searched online for OPMS Silver and Gold Capsules and this is why you are directed to this piece of information. Are you looking to explore OPMS? Want to get into its specifics? This is a perfect resource for you to read through. Let’s get the discussion started.

OPMS Kratom: Let’s Understand What Precisely Is It?

Just in case you don’t know what OPMS is, it is a short form of Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions. If you are a true Kratom lover and you often use search engines to find the latest Kratom products, you must have heard of OPMS and its various products.

Well, OPMS is a renowned Kratom online seller that has gained much popularity in a relatively short span. This company also sells Kava products. This business was introduced to the market in 2010 and is doing wonderfully well to maintain a higher rate of customer retention and this is why it has become the top choice for many buyers.

What makes OPMS more special is its unique extraction approach that utilizes cold water during the whole process. This brand always believes in preserving and protecting every important alkaloid and this is why it always sells 100% pure, fresh, and unadulterated Kratom goods.

OPMS Silver and Gold Capsules extracts are readily available at different places. You can easily find them in multiple Kratom stores, head shops, vape shops, gas filling stations, and other smoke shops. Don’t forget to ensure that the products belong to the original OPMS. We’ll discuss this point later in this guide.

OPMS Silver

OPMS, without a doubt, carries multiple items and OPMS Silver is one of them. It is prepared with all-natural Kratom extracts.1 x extract is utilized to prepare OPMS Silver. Do you know what it means? Not really? Well, it actually means that the extract has the same concentration of alkaloids as the regular Kratom variant.

For instance, if you have purchased OPMS Silver Malay, it will have the same concentration of alkaloids as regular Malay. Hopefully, you got the idea. Didn’t you!

This company has set some special extraction standards and this is why the buyers trust it the most because they know what they are buying is pure and all-natural.

Different Types

OPMS silver is available in different types and you can choose any of them keeping in view your needs and wants.

The popular versions of this product are Red Vein Sumatra, White Vein Indo, Green Vein Maeng Da, and Green Vein Thai. Some other types include Super Green Borneo, Green Vein Malay, and Red Vein Maeng Da.

OPMS Silver Packaging

You can get this product in both bags and boxes. The different bags carry 480, 240, 120, 60, 30, and 16 OPMS Silver Capsules. Similarly, 64, 32, and 16 capsules come in boxes.


The preparation method for both OPMS Gold and Silver Kratom is similar because the same extraction technique is used in both processes. OPMS Gold is the flagship item of this manufacturer. This product only comes in capsules form and you can get them in different packets having 2, 3, and 5 capsules each.

Gold extract capsules are stronger compared to silver ones because they carry higher concentrations of Kratom alkaloids. The gold line is not diverse at all due to the availability of one time in the inventory.

OPMS Gold Scams

This is a magnificent product being sold by a single seller – OPMS. This is why a number of vendors try to generate more revenues by selling fake versions of this product. To ensure good health, you need to be well aware of such scams. Now, you would possibly be thinking about how to avoid these fakes. Just relax and read the below section to get the answer.

How To Avoid These Scams?

If you want to avoid any unwanted fakes and scams, you must be aware of real OPMS Kratom products and their appearances. Don’t forget to ensure that the capsules are printed with the original OPMS logo. Once you place a gold capsules blister packet under the black light, the word “Gold” will get automatically highlighted.

Make sure that the packets contain only 2, 3, or 5 counts. Every gold blister packet consists of a unique serial number. Considering these 4 parameters will always help you get authentic products.

How To Differentiate OPMS Silver And Gold Capsules?

OPMS Gold:

  • is more powerful in comparison to its Silver variant
  • comes only in capsules form
  • packets consist of only 5, 3, or 2 capsules per unit where OPMS Silver Capsules packet can have as many 480 counts
  • capsules come with 3 purple leaves whereas Silver Capsules come with 3 gold leaves (isn’t it confusing?)

This is how both OPMS Silver and Gold Capsules are different from each other.

OPMS Silver And Gold Capsules: Which One Should I Use?

Well, this question can never have the same answer when asked by different people. It could be your personal choice. For instance, if you are in love with OPMS Silver Capsules Extract for any reason, it is quite possible that your friend doesn’t like it. It is just because of personal interests and preferences.

We can draw a short comparison between these two products to get into their specifics. When it comes to pricing, Gold Capsules are costly compared to their Silver variants. In addition, gold packets contain fewer pieces (2, 3, or 5). Furthermore, you will not find multiple options in gold capsules (it is a single product). So, if you are concerned about affordability, diversity, and quantity, you should buy OPMS Silver Kratom Extract Capsules.

Important Note: In case you are getting confused about which one to take (silver or gold Kratom capsules), always consult your medical professional. If you have a family doctor, there is nothing better than that because he or she will be familiar with your medical history.

Ending Note

Are you looking for an authentic source to explore OPMS Silver and Gold Capsules? Want to choose the best Kratom variant for you? This guide has everything you are looking for. Just grab a few minutes and read through the above discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the cost of OPMS Silver Kratom?

Answer: Well, the price may vary from one vendor to another because the original OPMS Kratom company delivers its products to the distributors. According to the official website, the price ranges from $6.49 to $73.99 (16 to 480 capsules).

Question: How many gold and silver Kratom capsules should I take?

Answer: There is no universal dose. In fact, it varies depending upon your fitness, workout, and a number of other factors. It is better to consult your doctor first. In case the doctor isn’t available, start consuming smaller doses for safe outcomes

Question: How do users find OPMS Silver and Gold Capsules ?

Answer: Well, if you go through the customer reviews on different platforms like Reddit, you will be amazed to see the mixed reviews over there. Some of them are just in love with these capsules whereas others are not really satisfied with what they get from OPMS Kratom products.

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